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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Book Review: Love & Gelato

Hey everyone! I can't believe it's been six months since my last book review! My GoodReads goal is to read 25 books this year, and I am only up to four so far this year. Since it's Summer now, I've decided to get back into reading. For my graduation, my friend Eleanor bought me Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch and I was able to read this book in about five days because I was so captivated by it.

Synopsis from GoodReads:

“I made the wrong choice.”

Lina is spending the summer in Tuscany, but she isn’t in the mood for Italy’s famous sunshine and fairy-tale landscape. She’s only there because it was her mother’s dying wish that she get to know her father. But what kind of father isn’t around for sixteen years? All Lina wants to do is get back home.

But then she is given a journal that her mom had kept when she lived in Italy. Suddenly Lina’s uncovering a magical world of secret romances, art, and hidden bakeries. A world that inspires Lina, along with the ever-so-charming Ren, to follow in her mother’s footsteps and unearth a secret that has been kept for far too long. It’s a secret that will change everything she knew about her mother, her father—and even herself.

People come to Italy for love and gelato, someone tells her, but sometimes they discover much more.

My Thoughts:

To sum up the plot in a straightforward sense: Lina's mother dies in the first few pages of the book, but her mother had arranged for her to move to Italy to live with a father she had never met. The plot is more than that because she is given a journal that her mother wrote from when she spent a year in Italy when she was in her twenties. Lina meet Lorenzo (who goes by the name "Ren") who's mother is from Texas, but they live in Italy, and they become friends instantly. She also meets other teenagers from the International School who all have really interesting back stories, but none of them are fully Italian.

One of my problems with the book is that it all takes place within a week. Lina has a breakdown literally everyday about her mother, and she goes on this journey with Lorenzo after only knowing him for a day. Also her father, Howard, is super chill with the fact that the daughter he never met before literally three days before is going off with a boy he doesn't know on a motorcycle around Italy. Lina also causes so much drama for herself and the friend group that existed prior to arrival, and everyone just takes her side. I feel like the plot should've been over a long period of time because nothing too deep happens, and by the end of the book (literally six to seven days) after the beginning, she decides she loves Italy and wants to stay there. My other problem with the book is that the descriptions of the places in Florence seem like someone looked at a picture of Italy and has never went there before. An example is how she describes Florence, "The climb was totally worth it. The view of Florence was just as stunning as my mother had described it, a sea of red rooftops under an unblemished blue sky and soft green hills circling everything like a big happy hug" (pg.194). I don't know about you, but I didn't really get the feel of Florence from that passage or describing something as a hug. 

Lina did absolutely no research on Italy before moving there. An example (pg 166):
Lorenzo: "Hey do you want to get a gelato?"
Lina: "Whats' that?"
Lorenzo: "Gelato. Italian ice cream. The greatest thing that will ever happen to you."
If you're moving to a different country, wouldn't you do a little research on the food and culture. Don't even get me started about how she literally knows none of the sights of Florence, and asks Lorenzo everything.

Overall, I liked the book because it was a cute summer read and it made me want to go Italy (despite the subpar descriptions). I think it was a cute book and I got excited over the romances in the book, but I don't think it was a "literary masterpiece," but I do recommend if you want a light and cute read.

I usually do favorite quotes, but there weren't any that particularly stood out to me. 

Christina Madeleine

Send me book recommendations!! Friend me on GoodReads:

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Prom 2018!

Hey everyone! So, the last month has been crazy! A month ago, I turned 18 years old, but the craziness doesn't end there. The next day, I got asked to prom at the local all boy's school in my neighborhood by my friend, so that meant I had to get two different prom dresses! So, the last month involved me going to two proms (mine and my friend's), but since I live in America, these events are super important traditions. I was recently talking to some of my friends from Europe, and they even know what prom is because of it's presence in so many high school films. This post is all about my proms, but on a different note; I graduated high school on June 5, 2018!!! There will be a post regarding that, and my thoughts on my four years of high school coming soon...

I am going to do this post a little backwards, so I am going to talk about my prom first (because I have more photos from it), and then talk about the other prom. So, my prom was on June 1st at the Water Club in Manhattan. A huge question I get a lot is, "How do you have a prom if you go to an all girls school?" Almost every school in the United States has a senior prom, even the single-sex schools. The beauty of going to an all girls school is that you have to ask your date, and they usually don't go to your school (but in some cases they do). Back in April, I asked my friend to come to my prom with a cheesy promposal during musical practice. In the Upper East Side, there are a ton of private schools, so my school and the all-boys school that is on the same street do musicals, plays, and concerts together; so I have friends from there. Also, a weird thing that happens is that many girls and guys from single-sex schools go to multiple proms (my friend went to 4!) because people usually want a date. So, back to me... my date said yes, so it was set that I would have a date to prom.

Marina and I at the pre-prom. 

The day of prom, I got my hair blown-out and with curls, but since it's so humid in New York, it was straight by the end of the night. Afterwards, Marina and I had appointments to get makeup done at a Sephora in Downtown Brooklyn. At Sephora, makeovers are free if you buy $50 worth of product (which isn't hard to do). I had never had my makeup professionally done before, so it was really fun to me!

After I went home, I quickly put on my prom dress which I bought from Bloomingdale's. The original price was $253, but with all the sales I bought it for only $62. I packed my bag for after-prom (another notorious tradition because it's a huge party after the prom). Then it was time to go to pre-prom at my friend's house, which luckily wasn't more than five minutes from my house. There were five boys and nine girls at the pre-prom along with tons of family members from everyone there to take photos.

All the girls from my class from the pre-prom in our dresses.

There as a happy birthday banner because it was Marina and Emily's birthdays that day.

I finally am able to pin boutonniere (i've never been able to do it before prom). 

After that, we took limos into the city to the Water Club, and obviously took more pictures while we were there. The Water Club is right on the water and the views are amazing.

All of us before the prom.

The prom was super fun, and ended around 11. The final song of the night was Africa by Toto. For the night, most of my class went to a house in New Jersey which was more of a party. There was a DJ, catering, and it was so nice to be with my class in an area that wasn't school.

The other prom I went to was also a lot of fun! The prom was on May 24 at Russo's on the Bay in Brooklyn. I had school that day since I had gone to private school, so my friend did my makeup at school and then I ran to subway. I only had about twenty five minutes to get ready, but my date was super sweet and picked me up in his car. For my school's prom, a lot of my friends were going to wear red so I didn't, but since I got asked to another prom; I bought a red dress from Lord & Taylor's!

Despite growing up in New York, I spent little time thinking about prom until I was a senior in high school. I, personally, had a great time at prom and enjoyed every aspect of it (the makeup, dress shopping, promposal, etc...). I think it's a great tradition and a great memory to have and I am glad I get to share it on here!!

Questions: Do you have a dance similar to prom where you live? What do you think of prom?

Christina Madeleine

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Year in My Life: 17 Years Old

Hey everyone! Today is my eighteenth birthday! I was born on May 8, 2000, which makes me feel old even though I am became an official adult today. For the last year, I have been using an app to record one second of my day for the last year.

Here is the video with some music in the background if you want to see it:

I had the loveliest eighteenth birthday, and I will post about it later this week, but I am so happy right now and so filled with love. Seventeen was a great year with its ups and downs, but I am so excited for what the future holds.

Christina Madeleine

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Five Years of This Fashion Girl

Five years ago today, I created ThisFashionGirl. I was in seventh grade, five days away from turning thirteen years old. In the last five years, I have posted over 100 times on here and have had about 82,000 views, which is crazy to me.

I haven't posted in the last month because a lot has been happening in my life. I will be turning eighteen years old in five days, but the month of April was pretty hectic. For three months, I worked as stage crew for my school's show, In The Heights. If you have viewed my blog for awhile, you would know I participated in The Little Mermaid last year as a member of the ensemble. I truly love to sing and do theater, but back in January, I was dealing with some feelings that caused me to not be able to participate in this year's show. I wouldn't say it was an anxiety attack, but there are days when you don't feel that great about everything, and unfortunately, that happened during auditions week. Nonetheless, I still was able to participate in some aspects of the show because I worked for stage crew. I definitely have a better appreciation for theater now, and I would recommend people to take part in plays and musicals. For those In The Heights fans out there, my favorite song and dance numbers are definitely 96000 and The Club/Blackout. I mention all of this because, the show took up so much of my time, and was mentally draining so I couldn't find the time to write. I am always apologizing for not writing, but truly I need to make more time for that.

Other events that happened recently is that I lost someone really dear to me. My great-uncle, Giuseppe, passed away a few weeks ago. Last year, when my grandmother died, it took awhile for me to get back into writing about my life, but this time it was even harder. I couldn't get myself to write about style, fashion, books, or movies. I love to write, and I hope to be an author someday; so all the pieces I have written in the last month was about my great uncle and the eulogy nobody read for him.

On a brighter note, let's talk about how I've been running this website for FIVE YEARS! I truly can't believe that I've been writing on here for so long. When I started this blog, when I was almost thirteen; I thought that I would instantly become famous (as we all do), but I feel as though I am successful in my own way Many people give up on blogs and writing, and I am proud of myself for writing for so many years. I think that 2018 will be the year I reach 100,000 views.

Having this blog is so special to me because not only have I been able to connect with so many people, but also ThisFashionGirl is almost a time capsule of who I am. Over the last two years, I've been working to genuinely create content I am proud of and show my personality. I want people to read this blog, and feel as if they can relate to but also be my friend. This blog has documented my struggle with acne, my journey with braces, different changes in friends, my change in style, all my vacations, the books I've read, the shows I've watched, and so many more things. I am so grateful to have the life I live and be able to run this blog. Thank you so much for reading my blog over the years! Here's to at least five more!!!

                                                                   Christina Madeleine

I will have another post up in a few days because I will officially be an adult on May 8, 2018! Also, I will be uploading a video in a few days of one second of footage I took for my whole year of being seventeen years old.

One More Thing:
Get excited for my posts from May through August because I will have photos from prom, graduation, reflection on my experiences in high school, and all the different things I am doing to prepare for college. I think this will be a very great time for my blog. Don't forget to leave comments and share :)

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

OOTD: Easter 2018

Hey everyone. Happy Easter! Today, I decided to dress up for the Holiday and do an OOTD. It's been a few years since my last Easter Outfit of the Day.

My Outfit:
Black Long-sleeved shirt - LOFT
White Fluffy Coat - Begreh (a store in Braga, Portugal)
Striped Pants - Cue Boutique 
Blue Eye Glasses - Rayband
Silver Hoops - Cue Boutique
White Scrunchie - Walgreens
Black Boots - Steve Madden 

I spent Easter in Williamsburg with my extended family. There were about twenty of us, and it was about four hours of food, laughter, and cake. The amount of sweets and sugar I have eaten in the last two days is actually ridiculous.

Handbag- Coach 
Rings- Stradivarius ( a Spanish brand)
Red beaded bracelet with cross - a gift from Italy

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter or just day (if you don't celebrate). Thanks for reading :)
Please leave a comment 

Christina Madeleine
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Friday, March 30, 2018

My Favorite Vegetarian Meals *March 2018*

Hey everyone! I've talked before about how I've always wanted to try being vegetarian to see if I would feel better and overall to see if I could go for awhile without eating beef, pork, chicken, and other meat products. I'm Catholic, so this lent season I decided to go vegetarian (with the exception of fish) for the religious season. I managed to not eat meat for the entirety except for when I was in Portugal an ate some prosciutto (it was so good there).

With having less meat in my diet, my skin cleared up so much and I was less bloated. On days where I ate a lot of vegetables, I felt overall better than days where I just ate carbs (bread, cheese, etc). It's very easy to become one of those vegetarians who only eat bread, so I pushed myself to actually make meals for myself. I ate sushi during school if I felt lightheaded from lack of calories, but I did feel better for the most part. It's been a few weeks now, and I don't really crave chicken or beef. I don't know if I'll continue a strict pescatarian/vegetarian diet, but I feel in the future I am still going to limit my meat intake.

On that note, I have been taking photos of some of the meals I've been eating/making.

Pasta Primavera in Tomato Sauce with Tofu

When my cousin, Alessia, visited me last month; she showed me how to make this. She is vegan, and for one night her and I decided to cook dinner together. I made this same recipe for my parents last night. I bought a packaged mix of vegetables and a container of chopped peppers. I also bought a teriyaki tofu cutlet. I cooked all of this in a pan with oil.

At the same time, I was boiling pasta and cooking tomato sauce on the other two burners. Usually, I would cook the tomato sauce with the vegetables, but since the sauce was not from a jar; it had to be cooked from scratch in another pot. When finished, I put the pasta in my bowl first and then add the sauce with vegetables. To keep it vegan: put nutritional yeast and turmeric on top. To keep it vegetarian: put cheese on top of the dish.

Everything Bagel with Vegan Cream Cheese

I don't have any photos of the copious amounts of bagels I've consumed in the last month, but trust me it's been a lot. I usually eat everything bagels with either smart balance butter (vegan!) or cream cheese (still pretty yummy), but I decided to try this brand of vegan cream cheese an I give it a 5/5. I recommend trying it. A few of friends are lactose intolerant, but love cream cheese; so I'm going to make them try this. 

Eggs with Rice 

I've eaten this meal almost every day of spring break when I've been home. It's very simple to make and I find it delicious paired with hot sauce. I make a pot of white rice to eat throughout the week, and it comes in handy when I want an easy meal. All you have to do is fry an egg, and then scramble it and add it to rice. I also add nutritional yeast to the meal, and sometimes I will either add tofu or substitute the egg with it. 

Do you have any favorite vegetarian meals? Let me know in the comments :)

Christina Madeleine

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

My Trip to Portugal: Outfits

Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile since I last blogged. Although I write for so many different publications, my motivation has been at an all-time low to write. I've decided to get back into the groove of things by posting all about my trip to Portugal (March 16-23).

Usually, when I go on trips with my school, I end up wearing jeans and a t-shirt for most of the time, but this year my friends and I decided to go all out since it was our last choir trip. I also wanted to bring clothes that I really enjoy and take really cute pics to blog about. Here are some of my outfits from my trip to Porto and Lisbon.

Outfit 1

For my first day, I decided to go with a casual look. My group was walking a lot in the day, so I wanted something that I would be comfortable in.
Ripped Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters 
Blue Polo Shirt 
Navy Sweater with mid-sleeves - H&M 
Blue and White Stan Smiths- Adidas
Sunglasses - Steve Madden 
Blue, Purple, Black Jacket  - Thrifted from AuH20
Silver Hoops - Cue Boutique

Outfit 2
Black Turtle Neck - L.L.Bean 
Gold Hoops 
Sunglasses - Steve Madden 
Jeans - American Eagle 
White Fluffy Jacket - Begreh (a clothing store in Braga, Portugal)

In this photo, I am holding a pastry called a Nata, which was so cheap and so delicious. There will be more to come on my times in Portugal soon. :)

Outfit 3

The only big thing different between this outfit and the last is the jacket I am wearing. These photos were taken on the same day, except I had switched my jacket and my hair. This denim jacket is from Forever 21. 

Outfit 4

If you can't tell, I was really into wearing black shirts with denim jeans this whole trip. I had four pairs of pants with me, and three of them were pairs of jeans. My thrifted jacket made another appearance on this day.

Outfit 5 

Turquoise bag- Coach
High Waisted Jeans - American Eagle Outfitters
Black Boots - Steve Madden
Floral Shirt - Begreh 
Jacket - Eddie Bauer
There was a night where my friend and I went out to dinner, and we found a red photo booth, so we just had to take photos in it. I had previously only thought England had red photo booths. The two of us had gone to a restaurant in Porto called 'The Tram' and had wanted to dress up for it. 

Outfit 6

Two colored tights - Calzedonia 
Black Boots - Steve Madden 
Black Bralette - Brandy Melville
White Crocheted  Sweater - Cue Boutique 
Red and Blue Sunglasses - a boutique in Braga 

I really loved my outfit this day, My friend, Nikki, and I decided to dress up for our last day in Portugal so that we could get good pictures. I was a little bit fancier compared to the usual people who are spending the day sightseeing, but it was all in good fun. 

I am happy to be blogging again! What are some other posts I should do in the future? More outfit posts?

Christina Madeleine 

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Photo Diary: Ski Trip 2018 + the Women's March

Hey everyone! Since January blogging didn't work out so well, I wanted to share some of the things I did in during that month and in the first few days of February. Also, I am reading quite a few books right now, so hopefully I will have some book reviews up soon. Although I haven't been blogging, I've taken a lot of photos.

School Ski Trip to Okemo Resort, Vermont 

Last year, I went on my school's ski trip for the first time. You can read all about that here. Back in December, Nikki and I went skiing at Hunter Mountain in preparation for this year's ski trip. In January, I spent two days in Vermont to ski and just have fun with the girls in my school.

If you are familiar with Okemo Mountain Resort, there's a green run called Sachem, and I had never done a full run before... until this trip! Previously, we've only done runs that are pretty short also known as the Bull Run. After a 15-minute lift ride, we went down such a cool slope, except we were still pretty scared, but falling is half the fun.

              We skied half way down the mountain to a restaurant just to take pictures of the view.

 The conditions on the first day were so bad that I had to buy a face mask to cover my whole body. Not a single part of me was showing. Every time I would talk to someone, I would have to say my name because they couldn't recognize me.

 I use this app called 1SE (one second a day), which compiles a second every day into a video. This was a short clip from the day with some of my friends.

It's not a ski trip without waffles!

The Women's March

In January, I took part in the Women's March in NYC. I loved the idea of #PowerToThePolls because the only way to see real change in the United States is through new representatives, policy change, and legislation. I have to say though, the Women's March in New York was very disappointing because there was no passion. People walked the streets in silence, which would've been good if it were a silent protest, but the Women's March is all about using your voice and empowering people. I was so sad that people cared more about going on there phones than actually making noise and getting messages across.

 We spent hours before the March making signs.

Thank you for reading my blog! I will be back with new posts soon. Also, check out some of the other places I write for here.

Don't forget to leave comments!
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Sunday, January 28, 2018

OOTD: January 26, 2018

Hey everyone! It's been 20 days since I last blogged...which is terrible (I know!). January is such a dull month, and I haven't had the inspiration or motivation to blog. I truly do want to be able to have a schedule, but senior year is so draining sometimes. I am currently reading some books, and taking vocal and drawing lessons in order to bring back some creativity and inspiration in my life.

On Friday, my friend and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art before going to a school event. I had a free dress day i.e no uniform because of senior privileges, so I decided to dress for an OOTD. The initial goal of the visit to my favorite museum was to see the David Hockney exhibit before it closes, but it ended up with me taking photos in the Greek and Roman section. I've been to this museum so many times that it's now second nature to me to have an adventure in there.

Here are my outfit and some photos:

My outfit:
Black Blouse - American Eagle Outfitters
Gray/Black Skirt - Zara (in Barcelona)
Floral Boots- Steve Madden
Black Tights

 I am wearing sunglasses in the style that Kurt Cobain wore, also presently known as "clout goggles." Originally, I bought these sunglasses as a joke, but now I am really obsessed with them and love the look. They were $10 from a thrift store called, The Monk.

Some other photos...

David Hockney Exhibit

Other exhibits...
This stain glass window was shown to me by the six-year-old girl that I babysit, and I have loved it ever since. She and I sat in front of this window and drew the window because it was just so magnificent. I recommend going to see this stain glass window if you're ever at the Met.
I forced Sarah to take a picture of me in my favorite room of the Met wearing my future college's sweatshirt. Go, Friars!

I am so glad to be back into blogging! Hopefully, I will get out of this slump without inspiration soon.

Leave comments :)

Christina Madeleine
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Monday, January 8, 2018

Tips for the American College Process

Hey everyone! If you have read my blog anytime in the last year, you would see me constantly talking about the stress of the American college process. I started the process in early January 2017, and I am finally finished! I will be attending Providence College in the fall, and I am part of the class of 2022. High school isn't over for me yet (five more months, as of today), but I am still so excited for the journey that awaits me regarding college. I can't wait to decorate my dorm room and explore Rhode Island (as of now, I have only been to that state three times). Since many people all over are starting the process, I decided to give some tips I have learned over the last year of my life.

This photo is of me with my Providence College Acceptance on December 18, 2017.

1. Don't slack off Freshman and Sophmore Year.

When I was a freshman in high school, I had a really hard time adjusting to my new school. I was also super focused on making friends and extracurriculars. I was struggling in Biology, and I should've gotten more help in my classes and/or a tutor. Although it doesn't seem like freshman and sophomore year would affect your chances of colleges, it definitely sets the path for the rest of your academic career. I was never good at science, but by junior year I had found a tutor who helped me through Physics. Even if your freshman year grades aren't the best, an upward curve in grades throughout high school is looked on positively.

2. You Don't Have to Be in All Honors and APs.

There is way too much pressure to be put in honors or APs. I have met people who thrive in honors and APs, and others who crash. Personally, I was never in honors classes and I still did well in school. Many colleges don't look down upon those who are not in advanced or honors classes, they look to see how well you are doing in the classes you took.

3. Take a Practice ACT and SAT Before Prepping For Either.

 I took a practice SAT in my sophomore year and my junior year of high school. Both were given out at my school. I also took a practice ACT but didn't take it seriously because I thought that I liked the SAT better. If I had taken both with the same attitude, I would've realized how the ACT was the better test for me instead of taking the SAT.

4. Take 2-3 Tests (unless you get a perfect score).

There was no way I was going to get 1600 on the SAT or a 36 on the ACT because I had not prepped enough in order to get that high of a score, and my education didn't meet what I would've been tested on. I was held back in math when I had switched schools, so I am taking pre-calculus as a senior even though that subject is on the standardized tests that I took as a junior in high school. I had done an SAT course from January to March 2017, which was run by Kaplan (do not recommend) and by the time I took my SAT I had only gotten 1140. When I had taken a practice SAT with no prep, I had scored only 10 points lower. My SAT course barely helped me. Then, I bought both an ACT and SAT prep books because I signed up for both in June. I took the ACT because many people told me it would be "easier." The second time I took the SAT, I received 1200. On my ACT, with barely any prep I received a 27 (equivalent of 1300 SAT score). There are so many different factors that go into scoring a higher test score such as the testing center, amount of preparation, previous knowledge, the ability to answer all the questions in a short amount of time, and a clear head. The first testing center I went to caused me to become very stressed out, and I ended up not doing as well as I could.

5. Talk to your guidance counselor if you can.

 My guidance counselor is an absolute blessing! She compiled a list of twenty schools and worked with me to find the ones that I should look into. She's actually the one who gave me Providence College, to begin with, and here we are! Your guidance counselor is the person who should help you the most with the process, and help you find schools that are good for you. It's also a bit of a reality check when certain schools are far reaches meaning really hard to get in, even if you have everything they want. They are also the people who can give you fee waivers, and help you get in touch with representatives from the school.

6. Visit Schools and Do Interviews!

If you had asked me where I would want to go to college a year ago, I would've said, "possibly Boston College" and don't get me's a lovely school, but once I visited it I decided not to apply. During my spring break, I visited three schools in Boston, and two in D.C, and ended up applying to one of those schools. After visiting schools, I decided that I wanted a campus school with lots of sports outside of the city. In June, I visited Lehigh University and Providence College and decided which school I wanted to be at. By visiting schools, you get to experience what it's like to go to that school and get a feel for the people. In August, I scheduled an interview at PC in order to express my interest there. Expressing interests in schools definitely helps because your interviewer will either take notes on you or be the person who eventually reads your application.

7. Spend a lot of time on your personal essay, and make people read it over.

I didn't have my personal essay done until two weeks before I turned in my applications, but once it was done my old English teacher read it and helped make it more coherent. Finding a topic and writing your story is a crucial part of the whole college process. You want the reader to get a feel for who you are because in the end, they are the ones who accept or deny you. Your test scores and grades are just one part of you, the personal essay gives your profile a personality.

8. There's no such thing as safety schools.

You will hear so many people talk about safety schools. As much as you can be certain a school will accept you, there is always the chance for some reason they don't (unless there is a 100% acceptance rate). There are so many colleges and universities to choose from, and they all have different things they look for in a future student. There are people I know that were accepted into schools with 12% acceptance rates and denied from 75% acceptance rate schools. There's no exact science to getting into a certain school.

9. You'll get in somewhere!

Many people become scared that they won't get into a university. If you apply to schools that you have a good chance of getting in, along with your dream'll get in somewhere. I was deferred from a school that everyone thought I would get into, but two others schools accepted me and then gave me scholarships before I even found out from my top school. Although everyone is different, you'll end up at a university no matter what.

I hope this post was helpful to those of you who are entering the college process! I am sure you'll be fine. If you have any other questions or need advice, my twitter handle is @thisfashiongirl. I am in no way an expert on the college process, but I definitely wanted to give advice because the whole process is super scary. 

For those of you not from the United States, comment what the college process is like in your country!

                                                                Christina Madeleine


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Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Recap

Hey everyone! So 2017 has been a big year for me. Not as big as 2018 will be, but pretty close. Honestly, 2017 has been a crazy year for everyone, especially if you look at the political scene in the United States. That aside, this year has had some good and bad times for me. I definitely did go outside of my comfort zone on many occasions, but I also ended up making more friendships than I thought I ever would. I wanted to share some moments from 2017 that had not made it to my Instagram or my blog with all of you.


I was in an Advanced Drawing Class during my Junior Year and this was one of the pieces I worked on. 

Two of my friends and I went to the Met before a coffeehouse (poetry reading/ open mic), and this was my first time at this museum in the new year.

 Teddy and I before I made it down the mountain during my first ski trip.

                    On my ski trip with my school, my triumph was skiing to the Waffle House at Okemo in Vermont. 

This was another piece I was working on during the month of January. 


 I am still a New York Islanders fan, despite everyone I know being Rangers fans.
My favorite players are Anders Lee, Mat Barzal, and Anthony Beauvillier.

 During a snowstorm in New York, both my friend and I didn't have school so we treated ourselves to Cocoa Grinder (a cafe in Brooklyn), and she taught me how to edit my photos so everything comes out more bright.

 Underneath the Verrazano Bridge in February.

Another piece I was working on during the month of February. 


 Finished product.

 The Met on a snowy day.

Goodman and Chadbourne Oliver at the Studio at Webster Hall.

Vista Kicks playing at the Studio at Webster Hall.

Juli, Jenn, and I hanging out with Vista Kicks post-concert.

 For out Hamlet Project, my group and I had to make a "new" version of the play. We decided to make Rosencrantz and Guildenstern frat boys hence the backward hat.

Sunset from an airplane on the way to California for my Singing Group's Tour.

Selfie in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA

Connie and I recreating the Titanic.

 Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary

 Smiling while in one of the cells at Alcatraz.

In-N-Out Burger in San Francisco.

 Nina and I at the Grove in Los Angeles.

Alexa and I at a restaurant in San Francisco.
Mary-Kate and Ashley's Star on the Walk of Fame.

 I was super thrilled about visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

 Aubrey, Connie, and In in front of Universal Studios.

 All the girls in my grade that are in Singers with me.

 The Library at Boston College in MA.

Boston, MA

 George Washington University in D.C.


Women In The World Summit at Lincoln Center

Another photo from this summit.

Another drawing I worked on during 2017. This piece is in my school's art literary magazine.

 Nikki and I backstage before performing in our school's rendition of the Little Mermaid.

 I was in the ensemble, and one of my costumes was a maid.

 A flock of Seagulls during the show.

 Charlotte and I in our final number dresses.

 The whole cast of the high school version of The Little Mermaid. 
 Another costume picture...

 and another costume pic...
 Bree and I trying on semi-formal dresses that we didn't end up buying.

Bosco in Orient, Long Island. 


MissGuided ad in Times Square, NY.

Women's Foundation Breakfast.

 Women's Foundation Breakfast. I was guest of my school for this event.

 Just two feminists!

 A dress from the Fashion Exhibit at the Met.

My friends and I before my school's semi-formal.
Bosco in a raincoat.
 Alexa and I at a different school's semi-formal.

 A collage I made that was made up of old magazines.

 Senior Takeover!

 An exhibit at the Met.
 A polaroid during the last weeks of school at the Great Lawn in Central Park.

 North Kingston, Rhode Island.

 The view from my aunt's lighthouse in Rhode Island.

 Junior Ring day

 Group picture (We call ourselves Breen & the Brooklynites)

Class photo in our senior sweatshirts. 


Bluestone Lane Cafe coffees. 

 Post our last final.

 It was 95 degrees out and I was wearing skinny jeans. I immediately regretted that decision.

 The night before our last day of school.

This is right after I dyed my hair blue.

 A staircase in the library at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.

On the Highline in Chelsea.

Before the pride parade when we were putting glitter on our faces.

Pride Parade in NYC.


Double rainbow in Brooklyn on the first day in July.

 The General Store in Orient, Long Island.

The sunset in Long Island.

4th of July in the city.

My friends and I on a boat in the Hamptons.

 Waiting for the LIRR in the Hamptons.

A selfie I took while recording a project for my internship.

Slurpees from 7-11 on July 11th.

A selfie I took in the bathroom of my internship.


 Mini-golfing at Mr.Tee's in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

 On a beach at one in the morning.

 Strawberry Banana Pancakes from IHOP.

 Ferris Wheel at Fantasy Island in Long Beach Island.

 Candy Store on Long Beach Island.

Last night in Jersey.

 A sad reminder.

 A photo of my future school right after I had my interview.


 Vegan Taco Bowl from By Chloe's in Williamsburg.

 OOTD from September

 A picture from my cousin's wedding in Long Island.

 Two of my friends and I after we won our field hockey game.


Central Park in October.

 My neighbor's dogs... Bismarck, Helga, and Otto.

 Field Hockey!

My last field hockey that was on our home field.

The whole team..Go Sperymount!

 Sleepy Seniors on Halloween

 My other Halloween costume.


 I met Gloria Steinem with Amelia back in November.

Bosco on the couch in Orient, Long Island.

Sarah and I at our school's women empowerment and feminism student summit that we were the co-chairs of.

The Founder of Affinity Magazine, Evelyn Atieno, speaking at the summit.


 I got accepted to Providence College this month, and I will be attending there in Fall 2018. It was my top school!

 My baby cousin and I on Christmas.

 My OOTD and new phone case on Christmas Day.

Nikki and I skiing at Hunter Mountain, NY on December 30.

My second ever ski trip. This was after I finished skiing for the day.

As I said before, 2017 was a wild year. I hope you liked this very long post. 

Comment below what were some of your highlights of 2017!

Christina Madeleine 

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