Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healthy Breakfast On the Go

      Sorry I haven't started updating a lot. Been so busy and all. I wanted to talk about breakfast foods. If you are like me, you can't eat anything in the morning. I don't like eating in the early morning. I like slim fast shakes in the morning. They keep you full and I find it helpful because it keeps me full until lunch. Sometimes I have lunch at 9:10 in the morning so therefore I would eat a granola bar. But when I have later lunches I will drink this for breakfast.

      The slim-fast shakes are 200 calories depending on what type of milk you use. I use skim milk because that's what my parents use and I'm accustomed to the taste. To prepare, put milk into a shaker, you can buy them at any place that sells cooking supplies because they aren't very special. Then you put the serving size of powder into the milk. Shake until its thick and then drink.

       Another food that is good for mornings are granola bars. Natural Valley Granola Bars are really good and come in different favors. Two bars come in a pack. One bar is 80 calories, and two bars are 160 calories. They are for on the go or just a snack because they are so low in calories. Special K Red Berries Cereal Bars are really yummy and 90 calories. If you any healthy breakfast ideas; email me at


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