Sunday, July 7, 2013

Seventh Grade Skincare Routine

      I wrote this post awhile ago. But this is the skin care routine I used throughout seventh grade.

      Well the topic I am going to post about is skin care. I am just going to out right say it. No one likes acne. Well if you like zits, blackheads, and whiteheads you can stop reading now. So last year someone said to me, "why do you post about not having acne? Because you kinda do". That kind of stung a bit so I decided to get clearer skin. Well I didn't think clearasil worked. But you never know it could work with you. So I suggest before you go out buy a brand you see on television a.k.a proactive, clean and clear, and x-out; you should go to a dermatologist. They have brands that that they make, and they could get black heads, dark spots, white heads, and acne with a few visits.

     My dermatologist (if you don't know, its a fancy word for skin doctor) gave me a facial cleanser to use in the morning and at night to get rid of acne. It is from a brand called epiderme clinical skin care. I had really bad acne so I found that this cleanser helped a lot. It is the purifying cleanser. You can but the cleanser and other treatments from <>. Well I get a breakout I would use the epiderme exfoliating treatment pads. You wipe them wherever you have breakout and it stings at first but after a few minutes it starts to work.  Then at night I would use the acne medication called epiduo. I would use at night. A side effect to using acne medication is that it dries out your skin. So you cannot forget to moisturize! Bath & Bodyworks have good lotions and creams and have sales a lot. You can also order online! Or if you don't want a smelling lotions you can go to a drugstore or pharmacy and buy CeraVe or Cetaphil. They are lotions that work very well.

     Well next topic is makeup. I personally like makeup brands such as neutrogena, almay, and sephora for my skin. Well I like to use the neutrogena skin clearing oil free makeup foundation. I wear it to school sometimes when i have a breakout or I will wear it when I go out with some friends. I like to put moisturizer on before I put it on because it helps it last longer. I also wear almay clear complexion concealer around my eyes. If you are shopping for foundation or concealer, I cannot stress this enough, get a color that matches your skin color! If you get a color that doesn't match your skin tone then it will look really bad. You want makeup to hide the features you don't like and enhance your good features. Not to show everyone that you wear makeup. I don't wear blush that often. If you want to add color to your cheeks, just pinch them a few times.

     Okay the next topic is wiping off makeup. If you keep your makeup when you go to sleep then the makeup will go onto your pillow and you might get a breakout. Always wipe off your makeup at night. Wash your face every night and day. I suggest using Garnier The Soothing  Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They are about 6-8 dollars depending on which type you get. Or you can go to Costco and buy 4 of the Kirkland Brand for about 10 dollars. Then I suggest you use a toner to get the dirt and makeup that did not come off when you used the makeup wipes didn't get off. I use the Clean& Clear deep cleaning toner. It's about 6 dollars which is cheap against some other toners. Just put some toner onto a cotton ball and clean your face with it. Then wash your face.

      Lastly, always moisturize and use sun screen. Moisturizing will keep your skin smooth, and healthy and not dried out. Also sunscreen protects against the sun. People think it's a waste because they never get burned, like me. But you might not seen the effects now, but in like 30 to 40 years you can have skin cancer or a disease where you might never be able to go into the sun again. So I suggest you should put sun tan lotion if you are going to the beach and the pool.

So I hoped this post helped you! Write comments down below. Kisses!



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