Monday, August 5, 2013

BB Cream Vs Foundation

       Hi everyone! So recently I have tested out BB cream. I tried Maybelline and Covergirl BB Cream. I personally did not like either one.

   I saw so many youtube videos on BB Cream and everyone was saying it was amazing, and it works really well. Maybe I used it wrong but it made my skin really shiny. It looked really bad on me. At first, I liked it and then like an hour after it started to fade and my skin looked oily. About 50% of time I wear concealer and foundation or no makeup at all and my face looks matte. I think none of the BB Creams did that for me.

     At the moment, Im using covergirl Stay Fabulous Foundation. In one of my other posts I talked about it. I highly recommend it because its easy to use and keeps your face matte. If BB Cream works for you, comment below or email me ( about how you use it because maybe I did something wrong.

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