Thursday, August 15, 2013


    Hi my lovelies! Thank you for all the views I have been getting. If you like what I post please become a member, it helps me a lot! So, today I am going to do the this or that tag. A lot of youtubers do tag videos, why not do a tag post? I don't know who I should tag for it, but if you like the questions feel free to do that tag. Let's do this!

This or That Tag

blush or bronzer? blush because I like the look of rosy cheeks
lip gloss or lipstick? I don't really use either very much, I use lip stain
eyeliner or mascara? mascara for the win
foundation or concealer? (this is a tough one!) foundation because it hides blemishes and evens the skin tone.
neutral or color eye shadow? I usually go for neutral unless I am going to parties where I would do a taliajoy18 inspired eyeshadow.
brushes or sponges? sponges for liquid foundation but brushes for everything else

OPI or china glaze? I don't know what china glaze is, so OPI
long or short? long
brights or darks? definitely bright colors! They are so fun and festive!
flower or no flower? no flower, sorry

perfume or body splash? perfume ( I am in love with ralph loren number 2 women's perfume and viva la juicy)
lotion or body butter? omg definitely body butter
body wash or soap? body wash unless its soap from lush.
lush or other bath company? well I don't know where the nearest lush is but if I were able to I would go to lush.

jeans or sweat pants? jeans usually but VS sweatpants are amazing
long sleeve or short sleeve? I really like long sleeve sweatshirts
dresses or skirts? skirts
stripes or plaid? stripes! My school uniform is plaid and its gross.
flip flops or sandals? flip flops!
scarves or hats? scarves! I do not look good in hats.
studs or dangly earrings? dangly earrings, they are so cute!
necklaces or bracelets? stacking bracelets, definitely.
heels or flats? I love heels! Since I am 5'2 I am kind of short.
cowboy boots or riding boots? ugg boots
jacket or hoodie? cute hoodies or my tommy hilfiger jacket.
forever 21 or charlotte russe? forever 21 since I have a lot from there but I have been meaning to check out charlotte russe.
abercrombie or hollister? abercrombie definitely.
saks 5th or nordstorm? saks 5th!

curly or straight? my hair is naturally curly but I love it when it's straight.
bun or ponytail? messy bun!
bobby pins or butterfly or clips? bobby pins since I am a dancer.
hair spray or gel? hair spray sometimes.
long or short? long!
light or dark? my hair is light brown.
up or down? up!

rain or shine? rain!
summer or winter? I honestly don't know. I like the fact that I have no school in summer. So probably summer.
Fall or Spring? Both!
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate.
East coast or west coast? I live on the east coast but I would love to live on the west coast.

So that was the this or that tag! If you do the tag, send me your link! I would love to see it! Until next time! xx

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