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Tips for Sixth and Seventh Grade

hey! So hopefully this helps people who are entering sixth and seventh grade. Well, I'm in eighth grade and I will share some things I have learned from sixth and seventh grade.

1. Stay Calm

    I was so nervous on the first day of sixth grade. It was my first time in a co-ed school. Yes, I went to an all-girls private catholic school until fifth grade. Also I went from a grade of 17 kids to a grade of 50+ kids. I knew about 2 people that were in my grade and later on in the year they ditched me. But that's a different story. I get anxiety over the smallest things or when I am talking to teachers. I didn't know why I got so nervous. In seventh grade it was bad because some people use to make fun of me because I would get so nervous I would stutter (bullies). But towards the end of the year I started to take a deep breath and it really does make a difference.

2. Stay away from Drama

    I know parents and teacher say to students, "stay away from drama," but I am being serious. Middle School is the most dramatic time. I am still in middle school but I have realized that. I have my group of friends and then there are other people I am friendly with. Stay away from people who are craving attention. Those are the people who make rumors about themselves and other people.  In other words, those are the people that everyone talks about. Well in seventh grade there were so many rumors about these two people and at first I was like, "glad that isn't me." But as the year went on, everyone was making a huge deal and then I realized, "who cares that they are dating?" The two people started to look miserable and I honestly felt bad. I feel like I am rambling on but the point is, IF SOMEONE IS CAUSING DRAMA, STAY AWAY.

3. Be Careful what you put on the internet

    If you notice on my instagram, I don't have a lot of photos. One reason, I didn't like what I put on instagram and I saw so many flaws. But be careful at what you post because what is funny to one person might be offensive to someone else. People in my grade would be like, "Christina, your not even looking at the camera." or some people would rudely say, "how do you have so many followers?" I am not trying to be mean but I honestly don't know how I have 700+ followers. Some people put photos (I am going to call them R-rated photos) and they are showing things you shouldn't be showing at 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 years old. Those things give people the bad impression of you and they never go away.
    Another thing I hate on the internet is this website called I know this sounds rude, but if you have an account you are basically giving yourself to people who hate you. Even if people do hate you, I am sure my readers are pretty amazing people since you read my posts but there are people jealous of your pretty faces. is basically inviting bullies. Trust me, I have witnessed it first hand. The fact that people are being anonymous and giving you hate is just proving how much of a coward they are. Hate is bad but remember I love you.

4. Do all your homework

    I know there are times when you can't finish all your homework because of personal reasons. But if you are sitting on the couch and your watching television and it's 5 in the afternoon and you haven't started homework, do yourself a favor and start homework. It will save you some stress. There were times in sixth grade I stayed up until 2am doing homework. You want to be that student that teachers know is an excellent student and won't get mad at you if you forget once.

5.  Be Nice to EVERYONE

    Even if there is that one boy or girl that you can't stand to look at, be nice to them. I am not saying you have to be best friends but just be nice. I am not lying because there are some people that were so mean to me but being nice kills the bullies. They want to see you be upset because it makes them feel better about themselves. They are jealous because YOU are being nice to everyone and they can't be.
    Also being nice to people can get your more friends or one smile can make someone's day. I know people that think they aren't good enough to have friends. These people are the ones that need a friend and one smile, one hello, one conversation, a "hey want to work together" can really make their day.

"It costs nothing to be nice." - Harry Styles

6. Always be prepared for school

    My school uses iPads for our notebooks but I personally like using notebooks to write in and a kindle to read on. But always have a pen and bring your books to school. I have annoyed people by asking them for a pen, pencil, or  paper. So being prepared and organized honestly helps a lot.

7. Have fun with friends

     Don't always be studying, doing homework, or reading my blog (haha jk) but go out with friends. Go to starbucks, or if you don't have money go to the park. My friends and I like to do both. If you go to starbucks I strongly suggest the cotton-candy frappe (secret menu!), mocha cookie crumble frappe, refreshers, or passion fruit ice tea. In the winter my best friends and I have sleepovers in my basement and watch youtube videos and movies.

8. Always look nice

     Well I have to wear a uniform but if you don't I suggest skirts, jeans, crop tops, and pretty shirts. Youtubers like macbarbie07 (Bethany Mota), madisenrosebeauty1 (Maddi Bragg), and makeupbymandy24 (Amanda Steele) have some amazing fashion taste for back to school. I wear a uniform and to me its okay. I hate the gym uniform because who wants to wear unisex sweatpants? Ew. My hair gets puffy since its curly but keep your hair looking fresh and nice. Keep your uniform nice and don't roll it up. Keep it classy never trashy.

9. Take Care of Acne

    I have a post I wrote when I was in seventh grade about what makeup I wore. Since I am in catholic school, I am supposedly not suppose to wear makeup. But I do anyway because I make it look natural. I had such bad acne in sixth grade! My forehead was terrible and it was really gross and they would pop and bleed. How attractive is that? I strongly suggest going to a dermatologist, they know what to give your skin. In seventh grade my skin cleared up a lot. Of course I get breakouts sometimes but its mild compared to sixth grade. In seventh grade, I noticed a lot of kids were getting really bad acne and it was noticeable. That's kind of an ego booster.

     In sixth grade since I had bad acne I tried using foundation which kind of sparked my interest in makeup. But I did it terribly then and people would point out of the fact that I was wearing makeup.  If I had to go back to sixth grade I would definitely do my makeup different to cover it.
If you are allowed to wear makeup and want to cover up acne or have a neutral look, I suggest buying:

For covering acne:

       Concealer (liquid or stick)
       Foundation (covergirl i love so much)
       Blender or makeup brushes

To have a neutral look:
(use the covering acne items too)

      Urban Decay pallette (or any neutral colored pallette)
      Baby lips (you can use it for lips and and cheek tint)
      eyelash curler
      clear or black mascara

10. Be Yourself

     If anyone ever makes fun of you for being yourself, never let them get to you. I'm the girl during free period that listens to music and reads books and fanfiction. I am the girl who has a blog that no one from my school knows about because this is my place. This is your place. Who are you? You are You. I am me.

If no one ever says this to you, I love you.




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