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Hey everyone! How's your Februrary? 

          So today I am going to talk to you all about braces. I had braces from November 15, 2010 to December 23, 2013. In a course of 3 years I had rubber bands, a pallet expander, and my braces tightened countless times. A pallet expander goes on the roof of your mouth and twice a day you have to turn it with a key.  THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE WITH BRACES:

Why should I get braces?

       I am no orthodontist but having straight teeth helps oral health in the long run. I wanted braces because I didn't like my teeth. Personally, I thought I had rabbit teeth and my mouth was overcrowded. I had to get 6 teeth pulled out just to fix the spacing. Also since I was 10 at the time when I got my braces I thought they were the coolest thing ever. All the older kids at my school had braces and my friends, and I wanted them too. If you have crooked teeth or aren't happy with your smile then you should go for a consultation with an orthodontist. 

Do braces hurt?

     My braces hurt a lot. They don't hurt the whole time. They mostly hurt for the first 3-4 days when you get them on because your mouth is still getting used to it. It also hurts when you get them tightened.  This is nothing a little Tylonal can't fix. Overall you get used to braces, so you don't notice the pain.

Caring for your braces

       If you get rubber bands (little tiny rubber bands that hook onto your braces and are removable), wear them! I was really lazy with rubber bands and I would refuse to wear them. If you wear rubber bands it speeds up the process of how long you wear braces. I had braces for roughly three years, it could have easily been less if I wore my rubber bands.

     I never had a problem with chewing gum. Yes, the orthodontist says to not chew gum but I did and I never broke a brace. If you aren't as fortunate about that, if you break a brace then don't chew gum. Also if you have a feeling something is too gooey, or too hard and is at risk of breaking your braces don't eat it because it probably will break them.
    Just continue with daily care with braces like brushing your teeth and using mouth rinse if you normally do that. Food can get caught in braces and it looks really bad and it get stuck which is even worse. It might be disgusting picking out the food but its better to have no food in your teeth when talking to people.

After Braces

      The process of getting my braces off took me five minutes to physically get the braces off but an hour to get the glue off my teeth. On the back of my teeth they glued a permanent retainer to keep my teeth from crossing back over. Then they gave me a removable retainer to wear during the day and at night. Lastly, I got a clear removable retainer for my bottom teeth to wear at night.


      Braces are really worth getting. It might be annoying to go to the orthodontist every 4-8 weeks for months to years but it's worth it. My teeth were really bad and now they are straight and it just boosts my confidence. If you are blessed with straight teeth, embrace it because I needed braces for three years.

         This is a really bad photo of me when I was nine. But, if you look closely then you could see my "rabbit teeth". I wasn't able to find a normal photo, so this will do. 

This is an up close photo of me with braces. This was taken on the day I got my braces off. 

         This photo is the result of braces. Excuse the blur, but in the photo I am wearing my retainer.

I hope this helped you out. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.



  1. Wow! You sure do know a lot about braces! It’s true, having a straight set of teeth is more than just for cosmetic purposes. It also helps prevent periodontal diseases due to teeth crowding the gums or being too far apart. Plus, it also helps your teeth chew properly, so it's also beneficial to digestion. Glad you put out something like this, which could help others having second thoughts about getting braces. You are a pretty girl with a really nice smile, by the way!

    Robert Kelleher

  2. You made some absolutely great points. A lot of people I know are scared of the thought of having braces, but I think your post would definitely lessen their fear. I think it takes time to get used to braces. I always try to tell my friends to just find the courage to get it and endure them because it will definitely be all worth it. Thank you for the great read! :)

    Thomas DeFinnis @ Wynnewood Dental Arts



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