Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Makeup for a fancy event.

Hey everyone! So I decided to tell you how to do makeup for a fancy event. A few weeks ago,  I was playing around with makeup and this was the end result, and I really liked it. I didn't have my eyebrows  done, so maybe thats why they look so weird. 

How I got this look:

1. Put concealer (I forgot what it is called, but I prefer the ones that roll up like lipstick) on any breakouts or flaws you would like to cover. Also put the concealer under your eyes and I sometimes put it on the lid, so it blends in better. 

2. Click here to see the foundation I used. So I pumped a pump and a half of foundation on my beauty blender and I put it all over my face (that's kinda how you use foundation). Make sure it is fully blended in and matches your skin tone! 

3. Put eye primer on your lid. I prefer the Urban Decay Primer Potion. 

4. Time for eyeshadow! 
a.  Put the color verve on the inside corner of your eye to half of your lid. Put it on light first and don't go over it yet. 
b. Then take a different eyeshadow brush and use the color blackout, put it on the outer side of your eye to half of your lid. Put it on as dark as you want. 
c. Then take the brush you used for verve and go over the inner corner of your eye to where you went up to it the first time you went over it. 
d. Take a blending brush and blend the two colors where the half point of your lid is so they fade into each other. It should look like it's black and white until you fade it in, then it will look much better. 


          5. I am using a the Scandaleyes felt tip eyeliner. I find it easier to use and you can make it as thick or thin as you want verses liquid eyeliner. I made the eyeliner go from thin to thick so it kind of blends with the black eyeshadow.

(optional) I didn't put any eyeliner on my waterline but if you want you can put white or black eyeliner on your waterline.

                             6. This is my favorite mascara! Put 1-4 coats on your top lashes. I curled my eyelashes which is completely up to you. Then put one coat on your bottom lashes.

          7. Go for the bold look with lipstick. If you made the eyes really dark, (I didn't make it that dark) then I would go for a nude or light lipstick. But the main part of this look is to get people talking about your makeup, so if you can pull off a bold red or a dark purple or black, go for it!



Hope you liked this step by step makeup for an event. Comment if you liked it or will try it.


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