Monday, March 31, 2014

Late Night Post: My new headband

Hey everyone! I decided to write an update this Monday to show you all my new headband. You're probably wondering, why are you showing us your new headband? But it's just not just any headband, it's a headband I actually like. Let me explain, my hair is really curly and hard to manage so most of the time, accessories don't look very good in my crazy locks. But I finally found one I like. This headband I bought at Claire's for $6.50 U.S. dollars. Its doesn't have wire in it and I wear the bow to the side. They have a variety at your local Claire's.

My top-knot looks really good with this headband. Top-knots are good for when you don't want to do anything with your hair. It gets it out of your face and it still looks good with the least amount of effort.

Looking at my Spanish textbook :)

My instagram selfie. You know #typicalgirl because I have to take a selfie. Yes, I used filters.



I made a schedule to keep my blog updated, so keep checking for updates!

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  1. Hi Christina, I like your headband and your hair too! :)



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