Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Experience: Penny Boarding

Hey everyone! It is officially Spring which means we are closer to Summer. I love Spring and Summer. I have so many blogposts in store for Spring and Summer. So, on Friday I went penny boarding for the first time ever! I have never rode a penny board, or skateboard before, so this was exciting. My friend who has done penny boarding for a long time, tried to teach me how which didn't go over well, haha. But now I at least know the basics of it. I have my own penny board now. Practice makes perfect with this, and I will be using my penny board a lot!

There is an overpass by my house that goes over the highway and I rode the penny board over it. This was one of the shots I got before almost falling off of it, I am still getting the hang of it!

My new penny board that I got on Saturday.

Just playing around on the penny board in my driveway :)

Thanks for reading! Comment if you have a penny board :)


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  1. great! I have a skate board. A very old one and in need of upgrading! haha
    And you look cool too! :)



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