Saturday, March 29, 2014

Water too boring?

Water is a really important to drink. Especially, when it is getting warmer outside. In a day, you're supposed to drink 64oz or 8 glasses of water. I am guilty of not doing that. Sometimes water tastes way too boring or I would rather have gatorade, or even soda. You're body is 60-75% water and it is important to replenish your body everyday. If you do sports, or do a lot of activities you need to drink water.

So, basically I tried to make my water taste a bit different. I cut up a lemon into fourths and put two slices into my PINK tumbler. Then I put a handful of strawberries into the tumbler. I really liked the taste of strawberry-lemon water (I think it looks pretty too). It lasts all day, I put it in the refrigerator while I went outside and it turned red. It takes 3 minutes to cut up the fruit and you have a whole tumbler of naturally flavored water.

QOTD: Do you drink water everyday?


  1. I never used to drink water at all, but the past few weeks I've been drinking around 3 cups a day, least it's a start! This looks amazing will definitely have to try it, thank you :)

    Chloe //

  2. Great idea. Thanks for sharing! I`m going to try it!



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