Saturday, April 5, 2014

Doc Martens

Hey everyone! This post is about my Fall through Spring must have.  I got my Doc Martens in December for Christmas.  The boot style I got comes in two materials which are patent (leather), and matte (not shiny).  I love my black patent Docs.  The only thing I didn't like was how hard it was to break them in.  It took a few weeks to break them in, but once they are broken in they are super comfortable.  They are $120 dollars but they are a good investment.

My Doc Martens:

How I style Doc Martens:

For a more casual look, I pair my Docs with jeans or black leggings.  This would look good with an oversized sweater, flannels, or a crop top. Docs are more of a Fall, Winter, and Spring shoe because in the summer they might get to warm and sticky for your feet. If you look at my ootd I am wearing my docs with a dress and a blazer.  These are good for a more dressy occasion or a just casual everyday look. 

I, myself, don't have the floral Docs  but I do love them. I wanted simple black ones for my first pair because its simple yet classy. The floral Docs I have seen on tumblr and some blogs. I think the floral Docs would look cute with black tights and a skirt.

   These are some of the other colors that there are besides black. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have the yellow Doc Martens. It's your own style and choice of which ones you want. I absolutely adore these shoes and might get another pair or two in the future.




  1. I also have Docs!!
    I love them so much!
    Mine are calf high, but I still love them.
    I also style them how you do, haha.


  2. Love DM's but they just don't suit me... I'm not cool enough!!

  3. Very nice post! I have been looking at some doc Martians for a while now, if I get them they will probably be in the floral print though :D xx

  4. I want some!!! Might have to wait till Christmas! :(



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