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Monday, April 28, 2014

New Buy: Stila Palette

Hey everyone! I got a new palette called the Stila in the moment. I bough this palette at my local Sephora after seeing many recommendations about it.  I own the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and I absolutely love it, but I wanted to try some other eyeshadow palettes.

What I like about this palette is that it has many bright, Spring colors. It also comes with a no-smudge purple/gray eyeliner which I used on my eyelid with some nude colors. There are ten colors, so far I have only used five colors. My first impression was that the colors are very vibrant and I wasn't used to wearing such bright colors. I recommend using an eyeshadow primer before applying the eyeshadow so it doesn't fade or come off. 

The palette is $39 US dollars and in my opinion is worth it. It's good for beginners because the shades together can create four or five different eyeshadow looks depending on the way you use it.  This is my second palette I have bought with my own money and it works. Don't be fooled by some high-end brands that sell eyeshadow palettes for more then $75 that say they are better (it's eyeshadow!). The Stila Palette is very good and eventually I will look into purchasing the other two.

The names of the colors are (from left to right):

On the inside of the cover it says this quote which I though was very nice.

QOTD: What is your favorite eyeshadow palette?


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  1. First off I love the packaging, such a pretty color and cute quote :) The colors look beautiful and bright, especially Impulse! My recent favorite palettes have are the Naked 3 and Basics! Such a great post, I really enjoyed reading it!

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