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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY: How to Decorate a Coffee Can

Hey everyone. Today, I decided to be crafty. I needed a new bank to put my money in that I need to save. Since I babysit and tutor, I started making money and I needed a place to keep it. I haven't properly saved money in awhile and I needed to start. Hopefully by making this bank, I end up saving money.

My parents finished a huge can of coffee and gave it to me so I can turn it into a bank. You can also use smaller cans to hold art supplies. I have quite a few in my room with magic markers or my sketching pencils.

What You Will Need:

Duck/Washi Tape (fun colors are great!) Different sizes of duct tape is preferred)


Coffee Can

I used a big coffee can because it's the only one I had. You can use whatever size you want and it doesn't matter.

First: Take the tape you want to use as the base.

I used a denim looking tape as the base.

Step 2: Start taping the can. It may take a few strips of tape to cover the whole can.

It should  look like this when you're done with the base. 

Now: I'll show you two different ways to decorate you're can...

First option: more subtle

I used two strips of tape on then top and bottom.
This is a simple tape that isn't a crazy pattern. This can match most rooms. If you want a can to match your room better then I recommend either doing the colors of your room or just keeping it simple.

This is how I decided to make my can.

My room is mismatching and very colorful so I made the can a little crazy. I used two different mini tapes to do this. Many people don't like putting different patterns together, but I think this looked good.

How I decorated the cap:

Of course you need a cap to keep your money safe and secure!

First: I taped the cap with strip after strip of the rainbow mini duck tape.

This is what it looked like, completely covered.

Then I took the leopard tape and taped it around the cover and strips on top of the rainbow.

I hope you liked this DIY.

What's you opinion of this? Too weird? Helpful? Creative?

Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Helpful and creative, I love diys!

    Fran |

  2. Cool idea! A good in depth post :)

  3. Love this DIY! I'm definitely going to have to try it out. Lovely blog you have! x


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