Monday, May 18, 2015

What's in my bag? *COLLAB*

Hey everyone! I have never done a What's in My Bag post before. My friend Guilianna had the idea to do a collab for Spring. I thought it would be fun to show you all what's in my bag because I love seeing what other people have in their bags. My birthday was on May 8, so I asked my parents if I can get a handbag for my birthday. I use my handbags if I need to carry many things or I am going to be out for a long time.

*This is a collaboration with Guilianna Marie. Her blog is amazing, and she definitely posts more than I do. I will have her links at the bottom of my post.*

Right now I am using the Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Leather Top-Zip Tote. This bag is relatively big, but I really liked it and I can fit my laptop in it if I need too. I picked black because it can go with anything and is very classy.

Inside my bag I have my keys, wallet, glasses, makeup bag, phone, perfume, and some other things.

First I have my very cracked iPhone. I dropped my phone on the floor of a Panera Restaurant and it shattered and everyone stared at me. I put a life proof case on my phone so I can still use the screen without glass coming off.

This is the inside of my makeup case. I don't always carry this much makeup with me but last night I went to a party and I wanted to retouch my makeup. What do you keep in your makeup bag?

These are my glasses that I have to bring everywhere with me. I don't need to wear them full time but they definitely help me with reading and distance. The frames are from the Calvin Klein collection in 2012.

I went to the Chanel Perfume exhibit in Chelsea, Manhattan and my friends and I sent each other post cards from it. I never took them out of my bag. I want to put them on one of my walls in my room because my wall is blank right now.

I bring my headphones everywhere with me. Here are some of my favorite songs at the moment:
Robbers - The 1975
If It Means a Lot to You - ADTR (A Day To Remember)
Flaws - Bastile
Kids -MGMT
Take a Walk - Passion Pit

I always keep perfume with me. You never know when you need to spray a little on your wrists and neck. This is a travel size perfume from the Ralph Lauren Women's Collection Number 2.

(I didn't show some things because the picture got deleted but I use a Coach wallet which I keep my ID, credit card, and some gift cards. The only reason it doesn't seem like I have a lot of things in my bag is because it's a new bag that I have to break in.)

Thank you so much for reading. What things do you keep in your hand bag?

                                                        Christina Madeleine

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  1. Wonderful post, Christina! I had so much fun collaborating with you. Hopefully we can do it again in the future. :)



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