Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Advenutres: June 13

School is officially over and Summer is here! I am so excited it's Summer because now I can go on adventures with my family and friends, work, and write more blog posts. I have a whole list of plans for this blog for the Summer which is more blog posts (and maybe a new format?). I also really want to thank everyone for all the views I have been getting. My views went from about 40 views a day to 80-150 a day and I am so grateful.

So if you saw my last post (My New Hair) then you know that I have dyed my hair blue. My friend, Alana (She was featured on Snow Days are the Best Days) and I decided to go for a walk and take advantage of the beautiful 85 degree weather we have been having.

If you are a blogger then you understand that everywhere you go, you have to take a picture of it no matter what it is.

We decided to do a photo shoot in the park. I told Alana to strike a pose.

My hair reminds me of a mermaid. But, I really wanted to take  picture showing my hair even though I was dying of heat from keeping it down.

Model Pictures :)

Last year was my last year of doing dance after 10 years so I tried some of my dance moves out again. Alana and I met through our dance classes so we always try to practice when we are together. The dance move I am doing in this picture is called a firebird.
My blog is filled with selfies but here is Alana and me.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Leave a comment telling me what your plans for the Summer are.

More posts coming this week and next.

                                                  Christina Madeleine


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  1. I love your pictures especially the one where you are doing the firebird :)
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    Thank you and have a great day.



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