Sunday, January 31, 2016

Upper East Side: Old Fashioned Diner

Hey everyone! How are you all? So, basically my last post Book Review: All the Light We Cannot See was my most commented post! It was so cool seeing people be so active on one of my posts, and I absolutely loved it. There will definitely be more book reviews to come (*hint* I am re-reading the Harry Potter series). 

In this post, I wanted to show you all a really cool diner, called Big Daddy's, located on 2nd Avenue and 83rd street in the Upper East side of Manhattan. I've only been to this diner once before, but it's a personal favorite for some of my friends. We went there on a Wednesday for a farewell dinner for our new friends from Brazil that did an exchange at my school. They really seemed to like it!

The diner is described as 80s themed so the whole time they played some classic songs from that era which fits the theme of the decor perfectly.

They have over ten milkshake flavors, some in which are very peculiar. Examples would be: birthday cake (shown below), banana, black and white, pancake, oreo (shown below), and a few others.

I had a birthday cake milkshake, and it was by far one of the best shakes I've ever had. Below is a "sundae" milkshake.

For my meal, I ordered an omelette with spinach and feta. This meal came with tater tots (I would definitely recommend) and toast.

My friends go an assortment of things ranging from eggs to waffles. The portions are very big for a diner, which makes it a bit more price-y but you do get your moneys worth. Shown below is a cheeseburger and tater tots.

I would definitely just go in here to see the decor, as well, because I think it's pretty cool.

The sign of the restaurant is so big, I don't think you can miss it. There are a few other locations of this restaurant in New York City.

The waitress was also super sweet and took a group picture of us after we eat. I think this was a nice way to spend one of our last days with Ana SofĂ­a, and Laura (our friends from Brazil).

I know this post was very New York oriented, but I really wanted to share this restaurant. Personally, I like seeing where people eat because then I will have a list of places to go if I ever visit their city. I really recommend this diner if you are ever in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Question: What is a restaurant that you enjoy in your city?

Leave a comment telling me and I will definitely look it up. I can't wait to hear from you all!

                                                   Christina Madeleine



  1. Super cool place, Christina! The food looks absolutely delicious! I don't think we have a restaurant nearly as exciting in my small town. Thanks for sharing! X

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