Friday, December 30, 2016

What Am I Watching? *December 2016*

Hey everyone! So, I've been on winter break for quite a while now, and while I've been on this break I've watched a lot of television. I wanted to share with you guys some shows and movies that I have been watching during this break.

1. The Office
Wikipedia Synopsis:
This U.S. adaptation -- set at a paper company in Scranton, Pa. -- has a similar documentary style to that of the Ricky Gervais-led British original. It features the Dunder-Mifflin staff, which includes characters based on roles in the British show -- and, quite possibly, people with whom you work in your office. There's Jim, the likable employee who's a bit of an every man. Jim has a thing for receptionist-turned-sales-rep Pam -- because office romances are always a good idea! There's also Dwight, the co-worker who is successful but devoid of social skills and common sense.

I currently am on the final season, the ninth season, of The Office and I love this show. Steve Carell is one of the main characters for the first seven seasons, but there are also other amazing actors in the show like Mindy Kahling, John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Rainn Wilson, etc. Each episode is about 20 minutes long and is a very good distraction when you're stressed or sad. I recommend starting from season 2 if you start the show, and by season 3/4 you'll become absolutely obsessed. 

2. Reign

Wikipedia Synopsis: 
Queen of Scotland Mary Stuart travels to France with four ladies-in-waiting to secure her politically strategic engagement to the king's son, Prince Francis. Mary and Francis share a mutual attraction, even though he has reservations about the wisdom of an alliance with Scotland. Complicating issues is Bash, Francis' illegitimate half-brother whom Mary finds herself drawn to in spite of herself. The French Court is also full of less romantic challenges for Mary, who finds her engagement -- and life -- threatened until she finds an ally in a mysterious shrouded guide. With all that she faces, Mary rallies, readying herself to rule and trying to find a balance between the demands of her country and those of her heart.

I started watching Reign over the summer after my cousin recommended it to me, and I watched the first two seasons so quickly. The show may sound not super interesting at first glance, but it's an amazing show. Th costume and set design is absolutely stunning. The main actress, Adelaide Kane, looks beautiful in all her dresses because she dresses like a queen. The show takes place in fourteenth/fifteen century France, and it's filled with the drama that comes with running two countries. This is such a good show to become invested in because it doesn't disappoint.  

3. Silicon Valley 

 Wikipedia Synopsis:
Partially inspired by co-creator Mike Judge's experiences as a Silicon Valley engineer in the 1980s, this comedy series follows the misadventures of introverted computer programmer Richard and his brainy friends as they attempt to strike it rich in a high-tech gold rush. They live together in a Bay Area startup incubator loosely run by self-satisfied dot-com millionaire Erlich, who lets them stay in his house rent-free in exchange for a stake in the projects they invent there. But when Richard develops a powerful search algorithm at his day job, he finds himself caught in the middle of a bidding war between his boss -- whose firm offers Richard an eight-figure buyout -- and a deep-pocketed venture capitalist.
This show is on HBO, so it's slightly more adult than many of the comedies that I have watched. I find this show hilarious because of the dry humor on it, but also because it takes the situations of many technology entrepreneurs today. The show talks heavily about coding, programming, and running a business in technology. I am a bit tech savvy, but I don't know as much code that I would like, but I have learned so much about the technology industry through this show. If you like "nerdier" types of shows, this is a good show to watch. 

4. Love Actually

Wikipedia Synopsis: 
Nine intertwined stories examine the complexities of the one emotion that connects us all: love. Among the characters explored are David (Hugh Grant), the handsome newly elected British prime minister who falls for a young junior staffer (Martine McCutcheon), Sarah (Laura Linney), a graphic designer whose devotion to her mentally ill brother complicates her love life, and Harry (Alan Rickman), a married man tempted by his attractive new secretary.
The first thing I want to say about the movie, the cast of actors is great. This movie has Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Thomas Brodie Sangster, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Denise Richards, Martin Freeman, and Liam Neeson.  This movie is a very cute, Christmas-y movie about finding loved ones during the Holiday season. Everyone was telling me to watch the movie, and I finally gave in to it. The only thing that I don't like about the movie is that all the male characters had great, high up jobs, and seemed very important to everyone. The women were housekeepers or assistants who just happen to work for the men. That was the only thing that kind of bothered, but overall I liked the movie.
Questions: What have you been watching during the Winter? Have you watched any of these shows or movie? 
                                                       Christina Madeleine

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