Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Makeup Haul 2017

Hey everyone! During my sophomore year of high school, I was in an anti-makeup phase where I just didn't buy or wear makeup. I don't know what caused me to stop wearing makeup, but this year I got back into wearing makeup and I am really happy about it. For Christmas, I received many new makeup products that I had wanted to try.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick 
A few weeks back, two of my friends and I went to Sephora and decided to test out new products. I had previously heard about Milk Makeup, but now that I own products from this brand I am absolutely in love with it. The Blur stick is an invisible foundation and primer, and it literally blurs my acne. I have been wearing it instead of a heavy foundation, and it makes my skin even out better. I also like this brand because it's vegan and cruelty-free.

Milk Makeup Supernova Highlighter 
The only time I've previously worn highlighter is when my friends have done my makeup for me. I decided that in 2018 I want to learn how to contour and how to highlight my face correctly, so I asked for this highlighter. This highlighter goes on so light, and it's very easy to use. I prefer to put it on with my fingers, but it rubs off after a few hours (but that's easily fixable).

Milk Makeup Heart Tattoo Stamp

In fashion magazines, the style of small makeup designs on model's faces have become popular. Awhile back, my friend stamped the side of my face with this exact stamp and I had received so many comments. Although I am not going to stamp a heart every day on my face, I do like the look of it on occasion.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
This concealer is SO GOOD. I have never found a concealer that matches my skin tone the way this product does. I used this concealer on all my acne and under my eyes and it stayed for the whole entire day. I pair this concealer with the Milk Blur Stick, and then I put a small amount of mascara and lip balm to make my skin look like it has fewer blemishes.

New Beauty Blender
Tips: Always wet your beauty blender. I know that it seems like that is common knowledge but in actuality, it works so much better than just using it dry. Also, pat your makeup with it because if you rub then your makeup comes off because the blender works as a sponge and collects the makeup.

Sephora Lip Stain Set
(have not tried yet!)

Tarte Eyeshadow Palette

Soap & Glory Products
(I will try this mascara in the future, along with more products of this brand. There will possibly be a review because I am a fan of Soap & Glory because their eyeshadow palettes are very high quality for $20)

Eyeshadow Brushes
(much needed because all of my brushes are from 2015)

Question: What makeup brands do you recommend?

See you tomorrow for the last post of 2017 on here!!

Christina Madeleine 

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  1. Nice post! You got plenty of makeup over the Christmas, I bought my first high end lipstick and I love it, it's Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored.



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