Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Resolutions

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I've decided to start 2019 with a post in order to start off the new year right. In the typical blogger fashion, I am going to write about new year's resolutions.

I don't think I have ever completed my resolutions for any year to the absolute fullest of my ability, and I want to start fresh and change that. This year, I want to be accountable for completing my resolutions. I have a very good feeling about 2019 for myself (I don't know how to year will go with global events, but that's never the case). I will be entering my second semester of college in about two weeks, but also this year I turn nineteen years old, and 'This Fashion Girl' turns six years old! This year holds so much opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Let's talk resolutions!

To work on obtaining a healthy lifestyle 

I am not a confident person when it comes to my appearance, and most of my insecurities lie in my weight and physique-- and I truly want to make the effort to change that. When I go back to school, I am going to put into my schedule when to workout i.e which pilates, yoga, and Zumba classes to go to and to even go when there isn't a class. The gym is right across from dorm, so it's a constant reminder of what I should be doing. I also want to work on eating better and eating more grains, vegetables, and fruit. It's so easy to fall into a habit of eating poorly at college because a lot of the food there isn't nutritious. There was a point during the first semester where I was eating potatoes and eggs every day, and then pizza, pasta, or a burger for lunch and dinner. Also, the snacks I had in my room were usually mac&cheese or flamin' hot Cheetos, so a lifestyle change needs to happen. At home, I've been working on eating healthier alternatives and getting into cooking my own food before going back to the grind of buffet style college food. I want to lose weight and get fit for myself because I know how much happier and healthier I will be.

Earn a 3.5 GPA or higher

I am not far off from this GPA, but I have a goal of wanting to achieve a higher GPA to prove to myself that I can do it. In high school, I was always felt like I would never be as smart as my peers, but now I feel so much more confident in my intelligence. I started college off by working hard and not slacking, and it really does pay off. I have a lot of hope for my second and third semesters because I have a goal I want to achieve, and my college has so many people whose job it is to care about me and give me the help I need to succeed. It's all about being a proactive learner, and that's what I intend to be.

Update My Blog Weekly or Bi-weekly 

Every year, I always want to blog more (and usually for some reason I slack). In 2018, I took blogging breaks because I was so stressed by the transition to college. I believe that 2019 brings new opportunity for me to finally making a blogging schedule. My goal is to post every week on Sundays, and if by chance I have another post for that week; it'll be posted on Thursdays. Creating content on a regular basis is something that I've wanted to do for a while, and I want to be more interactive and try to reach more people. There's no downside to have a consistent posting schedule.

Make More Friends at College

I am not a lonely person, but I tend to like being alone a lot. I can't help it, I am an only child, so I can't help but be okay with being alone now and then. I do have friends at college, don't get me wrong, but I have a tendency of locking myself in my dorm room a little too often or not being as friendly to people in my classes or when I am out. I love making friends and being around people, but I am still trying to find more people at my college who are "my people" or someone I truly have things in common with. At times, I feel as if I don't fit in with the people at my college (as spoken about in Thoughts and Ramblings of a First Semester Freshman ), but I have a good group of friends at school, but my goal is to branch out even more.

Become More Active in My School Community and in Providence

My first semester, I was a part of two clubs; but I definitely want to take part in more clubs (Entrepreneurship Society, Women in Business, etc), but also in some community service ventures. I've been in Catholic school my entire life, so the importance of giving back has been stressed immensely. I haven't done organized volunteer work since I was a sophomore in high school; so I really want to go help out in the community of Providence (and thankfully my school has a lot of opportunities to do so).

Be Aware of My Environmental Impact

Climate Change and Global Warming are very real, and people need to start making an effort to minimize their carbon footprint. In the New Year, I am going to invest in a metal straw because 500 million plastic straws are used in America every day, and a big percentage of that ends up in the ocean. Starbucks and other companies are making a conscious effort to try to not use plastic straws. There are so many small things that you can do to become more environmentally conscious like eating less meat, recycling cans instead of just throwing them out, invest in a reusable water bottle and bring it everywhere, use a canvas bag for groceries. I plan on doing more research about what I can do to make an effort. It might seem like one person won't make a difference, but even making a small effort is more doing nothing and continuing to harm the planet.

Of course, I have other goals such as learn to use my GoPro, read more books (which means more reviews), write more outfits of the days, etc... But these are my main resolutions that I want to follow. They are more of the overarching resolutions for the entirety of 2019.

What are your 2019 resolutions? Comment below!

Thank you for another great year! I think 2019 will really be the year of 'This Fashion Girl'!
Also, thank you for almost 100,000 views!

Christina Madeleine


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