Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas and Resolutions!

I know it has been awhile, I have been so caught up with schoolwork, homework, and many other things. Even though it is not a very good excuse, I can make it up to my readers. I have reached 1200 views! Don't forget to become a member on my blog.

Since it has been awhile, I am going to talk about resolutions. They are the hardest thing to make up and even harder to keep. They key to making resolutions are starting small and getting bigger. Resolutions are about making yourself better, not changing yourself completely. Some normal resolutions for the new year are:

-To spend more time with family
-To work harder in school/work
-To lose weight (I personally gained a lot of weight over this holiday season)
-To be nicer

Those are just some of the usual resolutions people say every year. Some of my resolutions for 2014 is:

-Work/Study harder in school
-Update this blog 1-2 times a week
-Be more happy
-Read more books
-Try something new

In 2014, I am going to be in High School, so the first half of the year is very important for me to do school work. As I get older, there are more things on my mind and I get distracted, so I am going to work harder on studying. I have been extremely lazy with updating my blog, but that will change. I want this blog to become a hit and have comments and so much more is planned. I want to work on being more happy and getting more comfortable with myself (baby steps). I also want to read more books instead of just going on instagram. I don't exactly know what the last resolution is, but we'll find out!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Comment below what your new year resolutions are!


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