Monday, March 31, 2014

Late Night Post: My new headband

Hey everyone! I decided to write an update this Monday to show you all my new headband. You're probably wondering, why are you showing us your new headband? But it's just not just any headband, it's a headband I actually like. Let me explain, my hair is really curly and hard to manage so most of the time, accessories don't look very good in my crazy locks. But I finally found one I like. This headband I bought at Claire's for $6.50 U.S. dollars. Its doesn't have wire in it and I wear the bow to the side. They have a variety at your local Claire's.

My top-knot looks really good with this headband. Top-knots are good for when you don't want to do anything with your hair. It gets it out of your face and it still looks good with the least amount of effort.

Looking at my Spanish textbook :)

My instagram selfie. You know #typicalgirl because I have to take a selfie. Yes, I used filters.



I made a schedule to keep my blog updated, so keep checking for updates!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Water too boring?

Water is a really important to drink. Especially, when it is getting warmer outside. In a day, you're supposed to drink 64oz or 8 glasses of water. I am guilty of not doing that. Sometimes water tastes way too boring or I would rather have gatorade, or even soda. You're body is 60-75% water and it is important to replenish your body everyday. If you do sports, or do a lot of activities you need to drink water.

So, basically I tried to make my water taste a bit different. I cut up a lemon into fourths and put two slices into my PINK tumbler. Then I put a handful of strawberries into the tumbler. I really liked the taste of strawberry-lemon water (I think it looks pretty too). It lasts all day, I put it in the refrigerator while I went outside and it turned red. It takes 3 minutes to cut up the fruit and you have a whole tumbler of naturally flavored water.

QOTD: Do you drink water everyday?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - 3/26/14

Look at the water. This is the water by my house. :) It reminds me of Summer.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Experience: Penny Boarding

Hey everyone! It is officially Spring which means we are closer to Summer. I love Spring and Summer. I have so many blogposts in store for Spring and Summer. So, on Friday I went penny boarding for the first time ever! I have never rode a penny board, or skateboard before, so this was exciting. My friend who has done penny boarding for a long time, tried to teach me how which didn't go over well, haha. But now I at least know the basics of it. I have my own penny board now. Practice makes perfect with this, and I will be using my penny board a lot!

There is an overpass by my house that goes over the highway and I rode the penny board over it. This was one of the shots I got before almost falling off of it, I am still getting the hang of it!

My new penny board that I got on Saturday.

Just playing around on the penny board in my driveway :)

Thanks for reading! Comment if you have a penny board :)


Thursday, March 20, 2014

OOTD: March 15

So on March 15, I went to my Great- Grandmother Cecelia's 100th birthday! I thought it was so cool that she is 100 years old. I bought a new dress just for the occasion. 

Floral Dress- $25 from Century 21
- the back was all open, and since it was the end of winter I paired it with a blazer.
Three Quarter Sleeve Blazer- $15-18 from Century 21
Gray and Yellow Polka-dot socks- $8
Patent Leather Black Doc Martens - $120


Black Eyeliner on my tight and water line.
Eyeshadow- Colors Tease and Chopper from the Naked 2 Palette
Covergirl Foundation
Benefit Porefessional Primer
Clear Lip Gloss

The Finished Look:

QOTD: Who's the oldest person you know?



Sunday, March 9, 2014

My New Sephora Products

Hey loves! Thank you for more than 2k views! That was so exciting to come on to. Today, I went to Sephora. I only bought three products but I am already making a list for more makeup to get next time. I am  a VIB (Very Important Beauty) at Sephora, so I got some discounts and I had a gift card. I have never tried these products before, I am so excited!!

The first product I bought is false eyelashes. These were $16.00. I am probably not going to use them for a while though, because I have never used false eyelashes before. I am first going to get cheaper ones, and try them out. I'll get back to you guys on that. According to the guy at Sephora, "These don't look natural or too much. Just perfect!" 

The second thing I bought was the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara. It's my first time not using drugstore mascara, so this was exciting. I really liked the affect of on my eyelashes. As soon as I put it on, it made my eyelashes look longer and my eyes pop. The tube is a bit weird looking because its leather-looking but the brush I am pretty happy with. So far, I have a good review of it. I also only applied 1-2 coats, and it looked really natural. It was $19.00.

The last thing I bought was the Porefessional by Benefit. I have heard very good things about this primer. I haven't used it yet, because I didn't wear any makeup today except to try out the mascara. I hate when my pores are big, so I am really excited to try it out. Have any of my viewers ever used it? How did you like it? This was $31.00.



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