Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Obsessed Tag

Hey everyone! I saw this tag done by Ellie from CutieCouturexo and I loved it. This is the Summer Obsessed Tag since Summer is only a few days away. I am so excited for tanning, hanging out with friends, and just having a fun time.

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1. Beaches or Pools? 

I love the beach! Actually, I am going to the beach tomorrow. It's a lot of fun. But personally I like going to the pool more. You don't get sandy, and you can go in the water and just float around. I love both though, so this is a conflicting question.

2. What is your favorite scent to wear during summer?

I love the scents of Victoria's Secret PINK collection. They have a variety of perfumes, and lotions that i think are perfect for Summer. I have a travel size of one of the bottles and it's perfect to keep in your beach bag or purse.

3. If you could only wear one nail polish color all summer, which one would it be?

I have no specific name of a color but I really like coral, matte white, and turquoise for the Summer. I get my nails done with gel sometimes throughout the Summer so it won't chip. But, bright colors are definitely in this Summer.

4. What lip color will you be rocking most this summer?

Definitely a dark pink or light red. I was given some Elizabeth Arden lipstick for graduation that I have been loving. I might also try ombre lips, I really like that look.

5. Sundresses or Shorts?

As much as I like dresses, I am more of a shorts type of girl. I have too many pairs of high-waisted denim shorts. I feel that shorts goes with more items of clothing.

6. Sunbathing or Self Tanners?

I don't use self tanners. I can go out in the sun for a few hours and I get tan. As long as I have sunscreen  on I have no problem sunbathing. 

7. What is your favorite drink in the summer?

My favorite drinks are peach or raspberry iced tea. I am not a huge fan of super sweet drinks or soda, so iced tea is great.

8. What do you look forward to eating at a summer barbecue?

Grilled chicken and hot dogs. :)

9. What song instantly reminds you of summer?

EDM (Electric Dance Music) reminds me of Summer, and the song Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey.

10. Ice cream, Popsicles, or Frozen Yogurt? 

I love frozen yogurt and popsicles because I eat them more in the Summer than ice cream. But ice cream still holds a special place in my heart.

11. You just won an all paid vacation to go anywhere and do anything you'd like, what would you choose?

I would definitely want to go back to Australia, or Switzerland because I had two of the best vacations there and I would love to go back. Australia is so much fun and you have so many things to do and places to go. I went there in 2010. Switzerland is just so beautiful and two of my favorite cousins live there. I went there in 2012.

12. What is the weather like during the summer where you live?

Being that it's New York, the weather is really hot and humid in the Summer. The sidewalk is feels like it's burning if you touch it barefoot. But we do get some thunder and rainstorms throughout the season.

13. Do you have a certain beauty product that during the summer you will not leave your house with out?

I can't leave the house without waterproof mascara. When it's hot and humid out my mascara runs and it's really annoying so waterproof mascara is a must have.

14. Sunglasses or Hats?

Sunglasses, I don't like hats very much.

If you guys have any of the same answers as me, comment below! I would love to see some of your answers.


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Prom 2014 and Graduation

Hey everyone! I'm officially an 8th grade graduate. On Saturday June 14, 2014 I graduated from my middle school. In September I start High School which is scary.

If you aren't from America, this is how the schooling system works:

-Pre-school and Nursery (2-4 years old)

                                                   Then there are two options

-Catholic/Private/Independent School                                                  
(Kindergarten to 8th grade)                                                                

-Public School
(Kindergarten to 5th grade)

I chose to leave my catholic elementary school after fifth grade to switch to a middle school.

-Middle School
(6th grade to 8th grade)

-High School
(9th to 12th grade)

After high school there is college and university depending on where  you go.


As I was saying, I graduated middle school. I left my elementary school in fifth grade not knowing anyone in my new school. Over the three years I became friends with girls and boys who I can't picture my life without. It was a long three years but I wouldn't change it for anything.

My school does a 8th grade prom. Basically, all the girls wear dresses and the boys dress up and there is a dinner and dancing. I have to say everybody looked very handsome and gorgeous. It was the final event before everyone goes their separate ways to high school. Only one girl, Emily (one of my best friends), is going to the same school as me next year. Hopefully I stay close with some of my friends because we are going to different schools. One of the things about New York is that there are a lot of high schools to choose from.

From Left to Right:
Emily, Me, Meghan, Teressa, Elizabeth (She is going to be in a post very soon!), and Amanda

My dress was from Prom Girl and it was in a beige/tan color. It wasn't very expensive and I loved it so much. Usually I wouldn't buy a dress online since I wouldn't know if it fits or not. The sizing was perfect. If you're looking for a prom dress I would suggest looking there.

These are my two best friends. We are going to different schools next year but we will remain friends. That's the thing about friends, when you find the perfect ones you hold on to them and don't let go.

I am a graduate of the Class of 2014 from my middle school. Congratulations everyone who graduated this year. Happy Summer! Bring it on High School, I'm ready.

New posts 2-4 times a week throughout the Summer starting now!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Digifest 2014

Hey everyone! May was an extremely busy and hectic month. I couldn't write a lot of posts due to my birthday, and other events that happened. June is a little less busy but I am going to try to post more because I missed my readers. Thank you for 6,000 views , it means a lot to me that so many people have read my blog.

Yesterday, June 7th was Digifest New York City. Digifest is an event all over the world where there are famous youtubers, viners, instagramers, and singers. There are many events such as meet and greets and concerts.  Well, my friend took me to this wonderful event and it was one of the most fun ways to kick off the Summer.

(None of these photos are zoomed :) )

First, I got to see Chase Gohering perform a few songs, especially his famous song called "Hurt". He was on last season of American XFactor and he was really good. I think I may be a fan of him now. I was so close to him and I started screaming his name.

I went to the side of the main stage to see if I can meet any viners or performers. I got to meet a viner and take a picture with him which was pretty cool. But, most importantly I got to meet Frankie Grande. He is Ariana Grande's brother and is a performer himself. He didn't take a picture with me which was a bit annoying but I got to take a picture of him. 

I got to meet another viner which was pretty cool. I pushed my phone at him and he took two pictures and he was so nice about it.

One of my favorite events was Acacia Brinley and her brother Peyton Clark perform a few covers of songs. Peyton Clark is on the Disney Channel show, I Didn't Do It. Acacia Brinley is a singer and she is more famous for her tumblr, and youtube. They performed a few songs and they were really good.

After their  performance I waited a little bit at the stage and started screaming their names. A little part of me thought they weren't going to come over to me. I was wrong, they came up to me and I got to take a picture with both of them. Peyton was so nice and was really funny.

Acacia took the selfie with me and she held my phone. She was so nice and I was so happy to meet her. An Acacia fan page even featured me on their instagram since I got to meet her. I really wanted to meet her and I started freaking out after. My friend also got pictures with them too.

I went up to these guys and they had talent on their cards. They gave me hugs and my friend took pictures on my camera with them. Did I mention they were really attractive? They were taking photos with a bunch of people. 

Lastly, I got to be 3 yards away from Lohanthony and Thatsojack. Jack and Anthony both looked at me since I was so close and I was screaming their names. They are two of my favorite youtubers and it was pretty great getting to see them.

Digifest was a lot of fun and if it comes to a city near you,  you should definitely consider going to it. 

QOTD: Do you recognize any of the people I met?




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