Monday, August 25, 2014

10 FACTS ABOUT ME #teenblogseries

Hey everyone. I want to start out this post with a HUGE THANK YOU. I have reached 10,000 views on my blog. That is more then I ever thought I would hit. I started taking this blog seriously in March when I had only 2,500 views, and now five months later I have hit 10,000. This is such a great milestone. I hope even bigger milestones happen soon, but thank you so much for those who read my blog.

I have joined a 9-10 week blogger series called #teenbloggerseries. It is run by Anouska from and Beth from There are 80+ teen bloggers in this series. Each week for nine weeks there is a topic and everyone in the series writes about the topic. This is a great way to make friends, get comments, and get a more abroad audience. I am so excited to be joining this series.

The first post is 10 Facts About Me:

I won't count this as a fact, but for those who don't know, my name is Christina.

1. I live in New York City.
       ("Who wouldn't want to live in New York?" - Gossip Girl)

2. I started this blog for a place for me to write about my life, fashion, and makeup. I always liked writing and I thought it would be fun!

3. I kept my blog from people in my old school until May.
              - I was scared I would get judged for what I write on here, but then I just realized that it's my blog and I can write whatever I want. If you ever feel insecure about what people think, just remember that it is your blog.

4. Next week I will be a freshman (year 9) in high school.
           Bonus: I am starting an all-girls school.

5. My favorite movie at the moment is Wild Child (Alex Pettyfer and Emma Roberts are perfect in it!).

6. My favorite television shows are Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Skins UK, Finding Carter, and Girl Meets World.

7. Favorite celebrities include Sasha Pieterse, Ashley Benson, Alex Pettyfer, Kylie Jenner, Chloe Grace Mortez, and Ian Harding.

8. Hopefully when I am older I can have a career in Fashion and Makeup. That would be absolutely amazing!

9. I have done dance classes for 10 years. I play Field Hockey now and I am thinking about playing Lacrosse in the Spring.

10. I absolutely love blogging and I am so excited to do this blog series.

This should be posted at 6:30 pm GMT time.

If you are part of the #teenbloggerseries comment below your links and I'll be sure to check them out.
Also comment if we have any facts in common.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

My Trip to California: Day 3

Hey everyone! I am back to talk about my third day in Los Angeles. I only have two more posts after this one to talk about it, so its almost over (this mini series)! On my third day, I went shopping in Santa Monica. The mall has stores such as Hangar 221, Free People, Hot Topic, Love Culture, and so many more stylish stores. The streets around the main building are strip malls (streets filled with store after store).  I went shopping at Love Culture (outfits will be seen in my Fall Lookbook), PacSun, and Brandy Melville.

Here is my day (July 17, 2014) in pictures:

This is what the inside of the Santa Monica Mall looked like. It was three floors high and was so beautiful. 

My outfit:

Brandy Melville Dress -$30
Brandy Melville Bralette - $18
(the bralette goes perfect with a backless dress like the one I was wearing)
Skippy's shoes - $10

Love Culture is just like Forever 21 but with better quality clothing. I love Forever 21, but Love Culture is definitely one of my new favorite stores. There aren't any near me in New York. *cries*

The Brandy Melville in LA is one of the best Brandy Melville stores I have been too. They, by far, had the most styles and clothes. I  only bought a skirt and a body chain from there but I could have spent my whole wallet at the store.

I thought this was a cute board.

The view of the strip mall in Santa Monica. The mall has stores such as PacSun, Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Rip Curl, and CIVIL. The Palm Trees were so beautiful, it was such a change from New York.

Later that day I went to Venice Beach and rode my penny board. I had to take an artsy photo because the scenery was such a beautiful sight.  I miss it so much :((

Question of the Week: What is your favorite thing about where you live?



Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Zara Terez Collection Preview Party

Hey everyone! On August 7, I was went to the Zara Terez Collection Preview Party in New York.  I was invited by Small Girls PR. Zara Terez is a clothing brand made in New York for people of all ages. Many of their clothes involve patterns that range from polka dots to candy crush. Their line of clothing is quirky, fun, and one of a kind. And I got to see where it all happens...

You can shop some of these styles at . There are so many styles to choose from such as skirts, dresses, and their most popular leggings. They have dozens of different prints and each month the company comes out with five more prints.

I was allowed to pick a complimentary pair of leggings to keep. I picked a pair that had cassettes printed all over them. These leggings are super comfortable and they make your legs look really skinny, in my opinion. The leggings are regularly 75 dollars.

Some examples of their clothing. The outfit on the right is super cute!

At the Zara Terez party, some people from PRIV were there to do makeup and nails. PRIV is a company that sends people to your house and event, using an app, to do hair, nails, makeup, and so much more. I got my makeup professionally done for the first time. The workers from PRIV were so nice. You can see the website at

Here is some of the makeup that the lady used for my makeup. She gave me a more natural look that brought out my eyes. I never heard of some of the makeup brands she used, but once I find it out, I will definitely invest in it.

One of the most exciting part of the event is that I got to meet and see three amazing dancers,  (right to left) Jordyn Jones, Chloe East, and Lexee Smith. These girls are from Los Angeles, and are amazing dancers and are now models for Zara Terez. Jordyn Jones is famous for her Youtube Channel including her very own song, Banji, and she was on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. These three girls were some of the nicest people I have met. Besides from them, I was the only girl that was their age so it was nice to talk to them.

Jordyn and I had a picture of us taken. The next day she followed me on Twitter. She is such a sweet girl.

The whole event was so much fun. I can't wait to buy some Zara Terez clothes. You can check them out at

QOTW: (look at the website) what is your favorite print by them?



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIY: How to Decorate a Coffee Can

Hey everyone. Today, I decided to be crafty. I needed a new bank to put my money in that I need to save. Since I babysit and tutor, I started making money and I needed a place to keep it. I haven't properly saved money in awhile and I needed to start. Hopefully by making this bank, I end up saving money.

My parents finished a huge can of coffee and gave it to me so I can turn it into a bank. You can also use smaller cans to hold art supplies. I have quite a few in my room with magic markers or my sketching pencils.

What You Will Need:

Duck/Washi Tape (fun colors are great!) Different sizes of duct tape is preferred)


Coffee Can

I used a big coffee can because it's the only one I had. You can use whatever size you want and it doesn't matter.

First: Take the tape you want to use as the base.

I used a denim looking tape as the base.

Step 2: Start taping the can. It may take a few strips of tape to cover the whole can.

It should  look like this when you're done with the base. 

Now: I'll show you two different ways to decorate you're can...

First option: more subtle

I used two strips of tape on then top and bottom.
This is a simple tape that isn't a crazy pattern. This can match most rooms. If you want a can to match your room better then I recommend either doing the colors of your room or just keeping it simple.

This is how I decided to make my can.

My room is mismatching and very colorful so I made the can a little crazy. I used two different mini tapes to do this. Many people don't like putting different patterns together, but I think this looked good.

How I decorated the cap:

Of course you need a cap to keep your money safe and secure!

First: I taped the cap with strip after strip of the rainbow mini duck tape.

This is what it looked like, completely covered.

Then I took the leopard tape and taped it around the cover and strips on top of the rainbow.

I hope you liked this DIY.

What's you opinion of this? Too weird? Helpful? Creative?

Let me know in the comments.




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