Friday, June 26, 2015

OOTD- 6.23.15

Hey everyone! So from June 17 to the 24 I was in California. The weather was beautiful and I spent my time in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I most definitely have a bunch of posts coming about my trip. On June 23, I was in Malibu to celebrate a late Father's Day with my family and family friend. We went for Asian Fusion food at Nobu, Malibu. This post has some pictures of Nobu and my outfit.

I am a huge fan of Japanese food so going to Nobu was really nice. My drink was watermelon juice because I thought it was a pretty color and it was so delicious.

The restaurant was on the beach in Malibu. We didn't sit at this table but it looked so nice and I really wanted too. The whole time you could hear the waves while you eat.

My outfit:

Flower Black Croptop (underneath crocheted top) - American Apparel
Crocheted Shirt - Hollister 
Patterned Pants - Brandy Melville 
5inch wedged sandals - Forever 21
White Bracelet - Kate Spade 
Gold Feather Bracelet - Alex&Ani

I love taking pictures on the beach. Being in California makes me want to learn how to surf and paddle board. The ocean was so pretty.

I posted this picture to instagram (you can follow me here // I'm on private but I accept everyone).

I hope you liked this post.
Should I do more OOTDs?
Comment what your plans for the Summer are?
                                                  Christina Madeleine


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Advenutres: June 13

School is officially over and Summer is here! I am so excited it's Summer because now I can go on adventures with my family and friends, work, and write more blog posts. I have a whole list of plans for this blog for the Summer which is more blog posts (and maybe a new format?). I also really want to thank everyone for all the views I have been getting. My views went from about 40 views a day to 80-150 a day and I am so grateful.

So if you saw my last post (My New Hair) then you know that I have dyed my hair blue. My friend, Alana (She was featured on Snow Days are the Best Days) and I decided to go for a walk and take advantage of the beautiful 85 degree weather we have been having.

If you are a blogger then you understand that everywhere you go, you have to take a picture of it no matter what it is.

We decided to do a photo shoot in the park. I told Alana to strike a pose.

My hair reminds me of a mermaid. But, I really wanted to take  picture showing my hair even though I was dying of heat from keeping it down.

Model Pictures :)

Last year was my last year of doing dance after 10 years so I tried some of my dance moves out again. Alana and I met through our dance classes so we always try to practice when we are together. The dance move I am doing in this picture is called a firebird.
My blog is filled with selfies but here is Alana and me.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Leave a comment telling me what your plans for the Summer are.

More posts coming this week and next.

                                                  Christina Madeleine


Friday, June 12, 2015

My New Hair

Hey everyone! I love doing different things to my hair but it's kind of hard doing fun hairstyles with curly hair. My school doesn't let us dye our hair "unnatural colors", only blonde, brown, dark red, ombré, and black. So, since my last day of school was June 9th, I decided to dye the  ends of my hair blue. I think dying hair is a cool way of self expression and is just fun in general.

Here is a selfie (as seen on snapchat) of my hair before dying it. My hair has grown a lot in the last few months because I trim my hair, don't use a lot of heat, and I condition it.  Right here my hair is just naturally brown.

First: I sectioned my hair into two pony tails. I put the rubber band where I wanted to bleach my hair up to. All together I dyed 7 inches of my hair.

Next: Since my hair is naturally brown, if I just dyed my hair the color wouldn't have come out so I bleached my hair blonde. Bleach basically turns your hair blonde and it won't fade until you eventually cut it off. Last year I bleached the ends of my hair blonde.

I used the SPLAT hair lightening kit. You don't need to buy this kit to bleach you hair. If you own a SLAT hair color then it comes with bleach already. I, unfortunately didn't know that.

This is what it looks like when my hair was bleached. This took 55 minutes to do.

Then: I used SPLAT  deep emerald on my hair next.
Just like I did for the blonde, I wrapped my hair in tin foil and waited for 45 minutes so the blue would go onto my hair.
This is what the hair looked like before rinsing it and drying it.

This is what my hair looks like now after I washed it, dried it, and deep conditioned it. I am absolutely in love with my hair. In the picture it looks more blue but in better quality pictures it is more turquoise. My parents helped me dye my hair so it's not my perfect but I like it a lot. Hopefully in the future I can do more fun things with my hair.

I didn't realize this at first but the hair color I used is similar to the one Kylie Jenner had awhile ago. I didn't copy her but I thought it was kind of cool that we did the same color.

Thank you for reading.
What do you think of my hair?
QOTD: Have you ever done something crazy to your hair?

                                                      Christina Madeleine



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