Sunday, November 29, 2015

Recipe: Banana-date Nicecream

Hey everyone! I am back for a new post and it's a recipe this time (surprise!). I have been trying to drink less dairy lately and have been inspired to try new recipes without dairy. I, personally, like almond and soy milk better than regular milk. I've been watching a lot of vegan youtubers such as BonnyRebecca, NinaAndRanda, and Freelee; I thought it would be fun to make some vegan "ice cream". This consists of no dairy. All you need is fruit!

First: Freeze bananas for at least 24 hours. I used two bananas, but you can do as many bananas as you want. (The more bananas you use, the more filling it will be).

Second: Chop the bananas up into small pieces to make it easier for the blender. I use the Nutribullet, and sometimes it will stop working if the pieces are too big. NOTE: Dates have pits in them, so if you use them cut the pit out. I learned this the hard way...

Third: Put half of everything into the blender. Until you get used to making nicecream, it's good to check halfway through if it is being made properly.

Fourth: Put just enough of almond milk into your blender, so it will blend smoothly for the first half.

Fifth: Blend until it becomes "smoothie like" It should be a bit thicker because bananas and "milk" are in the nicecream.

Sixth: Add the rest of the bananas and dates into the blender. Then add more almond milk.

Last: Pour your nicecream into a mason jar or bowl. Enjoy!

I really like nicecream because it tastes just like ice cream. It's been becoming a trend on the internet, and there are so many flavors that you can make. Here is a video done by Cassie Ho and Ingrid Nilsen that makes three more types of nicecream:

Have you tried nicecream? Leave a comment telling me if you have or if you have tried any vegan food that you think is yummy!

                                                             Christina Madeleine


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Halloween 2015

Hey everyone! This is post really long overdo because this is what I did for Halloween (14 days ago!!). This year I had two different costumes; one for school and the other for a party. I like Halloween but in the last few years I either didn't have plans or dressed up so this was very exciting for me.

October 30, 2015

My class decided to dress up in an 80s clothing for our school's Halloween. This involved colorful eye makeup, lots of denim, and bright legwarmers and socks. It was such a fun day but my class, unfortunately, lost the costume competition.

Afterwards a few of my friends and I decided to take some pictures on the steps of the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art).

A common theme of the day were Adidas shoes. Mine are the ones that have the black stripes and are slightly dirty.

My outfit consisted of jeans, bright knee socks (American Apparel), white shirt, denim jacket (Tommy Hilfiger), and Adidas Sambas.

I love photography, so it was really nice spending a few hours taking photos with my friends.

October 31, 2015 - Halloween

My friends and I went to a Halloween party, and I decided to be some "dead" creature. I was originally going for a vampire look, and I was pretty satisfied with the look. The party was Halloween themed and I got to talk to a bunch of new people, and listen to music.

I got the inspiration for my makeup from Maddi Bragg's video:

Overall, this Halloween was so great. In past years, my plans fell threw or I just didn't want to do anything for it. I also learned that Halloween isn't that big in other countries outside of North America. In New York, we have a huge Halloween parade and tons of parties. Is it popular where you live?

How did you celebrate Halloween this year? What did you go as?

 I want to thank you to all the people who kept commenting and giving me views while I didn't post for over a month. My life has been very busy, but yesterday I got inspiration for a bunch of new posts so hopefully I can go through and post them. I've really missed blogging.

Also, what would people think if I posted some of my opinions on topics? I have some ideas to do posts on feminism, and some other topics going on in the world(not going to give too much info out yet). Do people like hearing about opinions and ideas? Leave a comment if you have a certain topics you want to talk about.

See you next post (another one hopefully this week!)

                                                    Christina Madeleine



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