Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Apple Picking in North Kingstown, RI

Hey everyone! About a month ago, my aunt took me to her house in North Kingstown, Rhode Island (about a half hour from Providence), so that I could get off campus (and take a shower that didn't involve wearing flip-flops).

When I pictured going to school in Rhode Island, I thought that I would be able to see the water from my dorm, despite the fact my school is a campus in a city. Three of my cousins have gone to other colleges in Rhode Island, and two of them were on sailing teams so my thoughts of Rhode Island was always the ocean. As nice as my college is, there is no water view from my dorm or from any part of campus, so it was super exciting to go to my aunt's house and literally be on the water.

 During this weekend, we were celebrating a birthday; so we took a boat to the restaurant (and I ate real food, hence not from a dining hall).

 The next morning, we went apple-picking at Narrow Lane Orchard. I had never been apple-picking before (the closest one near me are probably an hour away in New York).

 Sometimes it's hard to eat fresh fruit in college, which I know sounds crazy but is kind of true. My room is stocked with microwavable mac-and-cheese and bagels, and I definitely needed to bring some fresh fruit in there.
 On our way back to campus, we stopped at a pumpkin farm shop. It was completely stocked with gourds and fall decorations.

 I am not allowed to have real pumpkins in my dorm, so it was sad to not buy any, but when my parents come up for parents-weekend maybe they'll get some. My dorm room has fake pumpkins in order to have fall vibes.

When I got back to campus later in the day, the sky was so beautiful at sunset. Definitely, one of the perks of my school is how pretty the sky looks in the evenings. This photo was taken by our soccer field and hockey complex. 

How is Autumn going for you? Have you ever gone apple-picking?

Christina Madeleine


Saturday, October 6, 2018

What's happened to me in the first month of college?

Hey everyone! It's been...awhile. I was so excited to start doing all these college posts, but then the most overwhelming thing happened; I started college. I have been living in Providence, Rhode Island for seven weeks now. It's taken that long for me to pull myself together more, and try to formulate my thoughts to write about my experience. There have been so many ups and downs in the last seven weeks, that I needed to take a break from posting in order to fully adjust.

A photo of me at the last Waterfire Providence of the Summer in September.

First, let's start with my classes. 

Many schools, including mine, have a core curriculum of classes that you have to take in order to graduate. Providence College's core has a variety of core classes including Philosophy, Theology, Writing, Social Science, etc...So for two years, I take a course called Western Civilization (and this semester has been so far reading about Ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and the Near East.

Western Civ 
I love History and English so much, and it absolutely kills me that this semester I am only taking one course that covers both. Although this course is tough, I was able to read The Iliad by Homer, and I actually really liked it and understood it. We also covered the books of Genesis and Exodus, which I was excited about since I've been in Catholic school my entire life. We are also covering Socrates and Aristotle.

Math (Business Analysis), Accounting, and Macroeconomics
I don't have much too much to say about these classes as individuals. The Business School also has core classes that it's mandatory to take, hence Accounting, Econ, etc. Macroeconomics is an interesting class because you get to see the world in many factors and how the economy works globally. I am personally not a fan of Accounting (but it's mandatory for me to take both Financial and Managerial), and I don't plan to pursue it. Math is math (what can I say, I am more of a writer). I have found myself struggling in these classes at different times and I definitely recommend going to your school's tutoring center & using online resources (Khan Academy is my favorite).

I am a marketing major and hence have to take a 101 class on the topic. I like the topic as a whole because the idea of marketing is very simple (hey! I've literally run a blog for 5 years), but I am more excited to take classes with different teachers under this field.

Activities I've Joined
I am a big believer in taking part in activities and fully getting involved in the community you are part of. I am currently in a choir (which I mostly love!), it's a women's choir with about 20 people in it. I was in choir during high school, so I am familiar with the idea and am comfortable in it. I also joined PCTV which is my college's Youtube Channel. I am part of the Entertainment section, and since my classes currently don't let me be creative; being part of this club has let me have an outlet to have fun and be creative. Here's the first video I have been apart of ( PCTV Got Talent ). Lastly, I joined Dance Club, but I think I won't continue after this semester. There are so many other clubs and activities that I see myself joining next semester and on, and I can't wait to share on here.

Adjusting to College
Being at college is hard. It's so exhausting being in a new place, away from my parents, and doing everything myself. Yes, it's very easy to become self-pitiful, but I am being honest. You're thrown in a new environment with people you pretty much don't know. A huge thing is how within the first week, it seems like everybody is best friends. You truly don't know how people are for at least a few weeks. It definitely took some time for me to find people who I want to be friends with, but now I absolutely love the friends I've made, and they have really helped me adjust. They'll be in some of my future posts to come. Another big part of being at college is that you are in charge of what you want to do. I literally have to plan out my day or I won't be productive at all. But when the times get rough, your dorm room bed is always there for a nap.

What I Hope for the rest of this Semester & Second Semester
I am so passionate about learning, so it's obviously been hard for me to take classes I don't like or find uninteresting. My hopes for the second semester is that I could take a balance between business core classes, and others. I also am thinking about taking up Italian (there's a lot of use for it, and my family is also of Italian descent). There are more activities I want to join, possibly including intramural field hockey. Also, I need to work out a lot more because it's so easy to become stressed, eat a lot, become too busy, or just forget to. Being active and exercising more has so many benefits, and I know if I could get myself to do it more; I would be overall happier. I know my time at Providence College is just going to get better, even though we are off to a bit of a rough start.

On other notes
I think I am officially done with my blogging hiatus. I love the blogging community and I have missed it so much. I want to share with you all the good moments & and be honest about my college life. I also want to show you my life in Rhode Island (which is quite different than New York). I will be back with another post in a few days about some of the other things I've done here. Also, when I've been asked about what my dorm room looks like and once I finish decorating it (very soon!), I will be up with a post about it. Also, I want to do a series about days in my life. The motivation to blog is back in my life after a seven-week-long hiatus.

Thank you so much for always supporting me. Comment below about how your life is going.

Christina Madeleine



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